Veterinary medicine:
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State-of-the-art solutions
for your customers
Veterinary medicine: X-ray equipment - X-ray software - X-ray systems

State-of-the-art solutions for your customers
OR Technology - Distribution of mobile digital X-ray machines and stationary X-ray systems for veterinarians
OR-Technology - Sales and services of veterinary X-ray machines
digital veterinary x ray machines sales and service

Digital stationary and mobile X-ray machines, equipment & X-ray software for your veterinary customers

X-ray know-how "Made in Germany" since 1991
With the professional digital X-ray equipment and X-ray machines from OR Technology, you can further expand your competitive advantage and satisfy your customers. Because in OR Technology you have a competent, experienced partner who supports you quickly and reliably in solving your customers' problems. Your advantage: We know your customers in veterinary medicine and their wishes and requirements very well due to decades of experience.

X-ray technology "Made in Germany" is durable and low-maintenance. We are constantly working on new developments in close cooperation with veterinarians and university institutions. The X-ray software included in all systems - with respective special solutions for animals, AI solutions, specific modules such as horse purchase examination (available only in Germany) and much more - was also developed by OR Technology and has already proven itself several thousand times worldwide.

We guarantee you the best price-performance ratio. Each order can be put together individually on request to find the best system solution together.
If you decide to become our partner, you and your staff will receive extensive training on our software and hardware solutions. Further extensive support is a matter of course. Our own service department with over 20 employees offers you multilingual support around the clock, e.g. in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.
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Products & solutions, performance & service

Complete X-ray system with swivelling monitor

Space-saving digital X-ray machine for small animal medicine with completely flat 4-way floating table.
Our veterinary X-ray system is an in-house development "Made in Germany" for standard socket operation
Incl. X-ray software, absolutely noiseless brakes, automatic collimator light and high-resolution detector
Amadeo V nano II - X ray unit for veterinarians and veterinary clinics
Digital X ray machine for small animal practices from dog to cat to mouse

Complete X-ray system for beginners

Specially designed for the needs of veterinary medicine, can be operated with standard power socket
Completely flat X-ray table without upstands with a floating 4-way table top
Incl. X-ray software with X-ray assistant, absolutely noiseless brakes and high-resolution detector

Portable high-frequency X-ray units (large selection)

Universal digital X-ray machines in mini format with a successful combination of low weight and high performance
Modern high-frequency technology using a standard power connection (220V/ 110V)
Latest battery technology, reduced radiation exposure as well as reduction of harmful beta radiation

Digital dental system with professional software

Fast and cost-effective CR-F dental X-ray system delivers high-quality digital dental X-rays
This unit is compact, affordable and supports overall productivity in veterinary practice
Automatic feed tray for "push and go" functionality + Reusable bite wing and intraoral imaging plates

Very fast CR desktop unit for X-ray cassettes

Digital X-ray with cassettes for standard X-ray examinations in veterinary medicine, also mobile
Space-saving imaging plate system - also for shelf space (footprint 0.30 m²) - for high-resolution images
Incl. professional acquisition software for X-ray images - system provides constant, high-resolution image quality

Digital DR retrofit set for your X-ray system

Retrofit set (X-ray software + X-ray detector) for the digitalisation of existing X-ray systems incl. AED
Release delay (pressing the release button until exposure to X-ray radiation) of up to 500 ms is prevented
Triggering delay (pressing the trigger button until exposure of the X-ray radiation) of up to 500 ms is prevented

Leonardo DR mini III

The gold standard for veterinarians
21.5" (54.6 cm) Full HD touchscreen monitor for large X-ray images and convenient reporting
Case weight only 9.5 kg and extremely long battery life with up to 500 shots without recharging
Razor-sharp X-ray images thanks to proven image processing, virtually indestructible 25 x 33 cm detector (flexible carrier material)
Leonardo DR mini II - lightweight portable X ray system for stable, clinic and veterinary practice
Leonardo DR mini II - lightweight portable X-ray system incl. Xray software, X ray detector and accessories for stable and clinic

Lightweight X-ray hard case

Portable DR X-ray case for small veterinary practices and mobile usage - cordless and battery-powered
One of the lightest X-ray cases worldwide incl. X-ray software, notebook, X-ray detector and accessories
LEDs clearly visible from several metres for status display of the system as well as signal tone in case of status change
Leonardo DR nano - lightweight X ray unit as backpack solution for narrow stables or outside for paddocks.
Leonardo DR nano - lightweight digital Xray unit as backpack

Super lightweight, portable X-ray backpack.

Specially designed for outdoor and confined spaces - incl. laptop, X-ray software, X-ray detector and accessories
Fast operational readiness and trip-free X-ray for an optimal workflow incl. documentation
Fantastic image quality - integrated X-ray helper informs about the correct setting technique
Leonardo DR Pico - robust, stable X-ray unit as bag for vets
Leonardo DR Pico - robust, digital, mobile dr system for vets

Comfortable, sturdy X-ray system for veterinariens

Fantastically light X-ray bag (from 7.1 kg) - also suitable as a backpack or shoulder bag
Well-padded storag of 17" notebook and X-ray detector 30 x 24 cm and protection box
Incl. X-ray software for acquisition, reporting and archiving (cloud optional) as well as integrated X-ray assistant

Digital image management solution

Instrument for daily diagnostics: acquisition, reporting, transfer and archiving of image material
All X-ray images and documents (healing processes, findings) are stored in digital patient files
Sophisticated archive and backup solution as well as easy integration into your practice management system
ORCA - DICOM - PACS - Cloud Xray Software for medical images and documents
xray software for archiving image material from digital xray, MRI and CT for vets and veterinary practices

DICOM Cloud for medical images and documents

Platform for storing, viewing and sharing medical images and documents the easy way
Archiving of images in the cloud directly from modalities (X-ray, MRI, CT) from PACS or usage as a backup solution
Platform for communication (share) with external partners or transfer of images and documents to customers

Product overview veterinary medicine

Product overview veterinary medicineIcon Download

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Supplier of X-ray equipment & X-ray software for more than 30 years

OR Technology GmbH has been developing sophisticated and individually tailored X-ray solutions and X-ray software for medicine and industry for the international market since 1991.

All development processes take place in our own company in Germany. Close dialogue with physicians, universities and engineers is an important part of our company's innovative activities.

OR Technology's track record includes several thousand installed X-ray and image processing systems in Germany and abroad. Satisfied customers in over 120 countries use the digital image management solutions developed by the Rostock specialists (as of February 2022).
OR Technology - digital X ray machines, x ray equipment and X-ray software for veterinary medicine Made in Germany

Frequently asked questions

What support can I expect from you as a sales partner?

We offer:

  • Infrastructure - from support to complete integration:
    • Own support centre
    • Own technicians for installations and training of customers and sales partners
  • Consulting - from project analysis to mentoring for large projects
  • Programming - from software modules to individualised OEM versions
    • In-house software development department - no outsourcing
  • Support - from hotline to download centre
    • 24h-Support
    • Hotline with multilingual staff (e.g. in Arabic, English, French and Spanish)
    • Web-based ticket system
  • Training - from online video training to on-site training
    • Product presentation via internet
    • Training videos
    • In-house training
    • On-site training at the customer's premises
  • Installation - from on-site installation to remote maintenance
    • If requested: our qualified service technicians on call
  • Marketing - from newsletters to customised product brochures
    • Production of professional marketing material
    • Supply of brochures, presentations, etc.
    • Monthly newsletter in German and English
    • Advertising concepts - tailored to the target areas of our partners