NDT digital systems for the X-ray inspection of
workpieces made of steel, cast iron and plastics

One look
is worth a thousand words
NDT digital systems for the X-ray inspection of workpieces made of steel, cast iron and plastics

One look is worth a thousand words
Non-destructive testing (NDT) with portable industrial X-ray unit - Made in Germany
Non-destructive testing (NDT) with portable industrial X-ray unit - Made in Germany

Mobile and stationary X-ray systems for non-destructive individual examination of workpieces, castings and forgings.

Do you need an impressively sharp insight in your product, with maximum detail and high contrast?

With our professional, portable and stationary NDT X-ray solutions, we offer you the perfect view inside and make hidden things visible. Our X-ray systems guarantee outstanding image quality, regardless of material specification and thickness, and are ideally suited for radiographic inspection of electronic components, cast components and plastic parts etc. for the detection of voids, cracks, inclusions and porosities. All X-ray systems are certified according to common standards (e.g. ISO 17636-2, EN 12681-2, ISO 19232-5), are easy to operate and support the effortless creation of inspection reports.

A cloud connection for obtaining a second opinion, a high processing speed and, above all, the unrivalled price-performance ratio are further unbeatable advantages of our systems for your material and quality inspection.

All our X-ray inspection systems include in-house developed professional radiographic inspection (RT) acquisition and control software that sets new standards in performance and ease of use. A wide range of powerful tools for image analysis and evaluation, such as blur measurement according to ISO 19232-5, SNR or Grayscale profile by line, are available for you. Powerful image editing processes allow material- and application-specific optimisation according to your needs. The ORinspect inspection software is extremely flexible to use and is designed, among other things, for the implementation of individual solutions.

No matter where you are, we support you with our extensive remote support, offer presence and online training as well as a replacement service for defective devices. Our X-ray products "Made in Germany" have all the necessary certifications from CE to FDA.

With the NDT X-ray units from our portfolio, you have the latest technology at your disposal and OR Technology as experienced partner at your side. We will be happy to advise you.

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compliance with International Industry Standards
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Investment security
through durable
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Support- whenever & wherever needed
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Best price-performance ratio
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Made in Germany
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Products & solutions, performance & service

Leonardo DR mini III

The gold standard among DR systems for the industry
Anti-glare 21.5" (54.6 cm) Full HD touchscreen for large X-ray images and convenient diagnostics
Case weight only 9.5 kg plus wireless X-ray detector
Long battery life: up to 500 exposures without recharging
Razor-sharp X-ray images thanks to proven image processing
Leonardo DR nano - lightweight X-ray system for workpiece and material inspection
Leonardo DR nano - lightweight X-ray system as backpack solution for mobile inspections in the NDT sector

Leonardo DR nano

Super-light X-ray backpack for medical emergencies.
Specially designed for outdoor and confined spaces - incl. laptop, X-ray software, X-ray detector and accessories
Quickly operational and interruption-free X-ray for an optimal workflow incl. documentation
Fantastic image quality - integrated X-ray assistant informs about the correct setting technique

Amadeo P

Portable high-frequency X-ray machines (large selection)
Universal medical X-ray units in mini format with a successful combintion of low weight and high performance
Modern high frequency technology using a standard power connection (220V/ 110V)
Latest battery technology, reduced radiation exposure and reduction of harmful beta radiation

Medici DR System [mobile]

Upgrade of existing mobile X-ray machines
Cost-effective alternative to purchasing an X-ray machine: DR retrofits for almost any existing mobile X-ray system.
Extensive selection of X-ray detectors of different sizes and manufacturers: X-ray images of the highest quality
Easy-to-use acquisition software via laptop, touchbook, tablet or ultrabook adapts to the workflow

Medici DR System [stationary]

Digital DR retrofit set for your X-ray machine
Retrofit set (X-ray software + X-ray detector) for digitisation of existing X-ray machines incl. AED
Very good image quality due to automatic image processing of the X-ray software - hardly any post-processing necessary
Trigger delay (pressing the trigger until exposure of the X-ray radiation) of up to 500 ms is prevented

Medici DR System [CMOS]

DICONDE Image Management and Archiving
Sophisticated, high-tech image management solution ideal for long-term archiving of images and reports
Functional diversity with many special solutions for the field of non-destructive testing
Intuitive measurement tools facilitate evaluation. Report module incl. use of Word macros with integrated images


Digital image management solution
Instrument for daily diagnostics: acquisition, reporting, transfer and archiving of image material
Functionality with many special solutions for the field of non-destructive testing
Intuitive measurement tools facilitate evaluation, report module incl. use of Word macros with integrated images

Product overview Strong Workmate for Non-Destructive (RT)

Strong Workmate for Non-Destructive-Testing (RT)Icon Download

Digital systems from OR Technology deliver X-ray images of the highest quality to detect even the smallest deviations during daily inspections.


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Supplier of X-ray equipment & radiology software for more than 30 years

OR Technology has been developing sophisticated and individual tailored X-ray solutions and X-ray software for medicine and industry for the international market since 1991.

All development processes take place in our company in Germany. A close dialogue with physicians, universities and engineers is an important part of our company's innovative activities.

We successfully installed several thousand X-ray and image processing systems in Germany and abroad. Satisfied customers in over 120 countries use the digital image management solutions developed by the Rostock specialists (as of February 2022).

OR Technology - X-ray machines and software - Made in Germany

Frequently asked questions

How are trouble-free workflows guaranteed? Which scenario applies if the X-ray machine or the software fails?

Our X-ray systems are designed so that they do not require any regular maintenance. If you do have a problem, you can contact us at any time. OR Technology has its own support centre [+49 381 36 600 800] with over 20 employees. Here you will receive help asap. Usually, software problems can be solved quickly via remote maintenance. Our field technicians will make an appointment with you asap if something needs to be repaired or replaced on site.