• X-ray system Amadeo R motorised

    08.06.2021  For even more efficiency and a smooth workflow

    With the versatile Amadeo R motorised, OR Technology is expanding its product range for the inpatient sector in human medicine. The X-ray system, consisting of a bucky table and grid wall stand, offers many advantages for medical staff and ensures fast, comfortable care for all patients. ...

  • Second generation of the popular X-ray table

    01.06.2021  Cost-effective full X-ray system - for small animal practices

    OR Technology presents the second generation of the popular Amadeo V- DR nano X-ray table for small animals. The affordable full X-ray system offers many additional features developed at the OR Technology headquarters in Rostock. X-raying and the entire workflow will be even easier for you. ...

  • 30 years OR Technology

    03.02.2021  Rostock X-ray company celebrates anniversary.

    This year, OR Technology celebrates the company's 30th anniversary. About 30 years ago, the history of OR Technology began with an idea in a living room in Rostock - a vision was born, nurtured with high quality standards, professional competence and cooperation based on partnership. ...

  • The new Vet X-ray system

    1 December 2020  Inspired by our customers - Made in Rostock

    Dezember 2020: OR Technology would like to present the second generation of our space-saving full X-ray solution for small animal practices. ...

  • Fight against Covid-19 (2)

    26. Mai 2020   OR Technology supplies mobile and portable X-ray equipment all over the world.
    The Rostock company OR Technology has recorded a significant increase in sales of mobile X-ray equipment in recent months. ...

  • Even lighter - the new X-ray bag Leonardo DR pico

    29 August 2019  Even lighter - the new X-ray bag Leonardo DR pico
    August 2019. OR Technology introduces the newest member of its Leonardo series. The new X-ray bag of the Leonardo series convinces with a complete weight of approx. 7.1 kg and perfect dimensions. ...

  • FDA clears Amadeo M mini

    15 May 2019   In January 2019, the mobile X-ray unit Amadeo M mini was cleared by the FDA for the US market.
    The lightweight, digital complete solution is suitable for outdoor use as well as for bed images in hospitals or nursing homes. ...


  • Now even lighter and more comfortable - the new X-ray suitcase

    15 December 2018  Now even lighter and more comfortable – the new Leonardo DR mini II
    In May 2018, OR Technology presents the second generation of the portable X-ray case Leonardo DR mini. The Leonardo DR mini II surpasses its predecessor in terms of equipment and convinces with attractive design. ...

  • Complete X-ray solution for small animal practices

    2 January 2018  Looking for a complete X-ray system for the 230V socket? The all in one compact unit with full power and all necessary components?
    In December 2017, OR Technology presents the Amadeo V-DR mini for the veterinary surgeon. The new, digital complete X-ray system is ideally suited for small animal practices. ...

  • DICOM images in original quality can be stored and shared in the cloud

    24 January 2017  Just at the start of the year, OR Technology introduces the DICOM cloud for medical practitioners. ORCA® (OR Technology Cloud Archiving) is a custom cloud solution for storing medical documents, including DICOM images and reports, and sharing them with multiple distribution groups. The images can be viewed with any device with an Internet connection....

  • XenOR - The art of digital X-ray

    31 October 2016 OR Technology‘s XenOR product line is an exciting addition to the array of X-ray detectors already on offer. The XenOR series is available with wired and wireless X-ray detectors in various sizes. The most important benefits of XenOR X-ray detectors...

  • "Go-anywhere" X-ray system

    15 January 2016  Developed entirely by OR Technology, the fully digital Amadeo M mini X-ray system incorporates a sophisticated design which reduces components to the most essential, functional operating elements.
    The Amadeo M mini is therefore particularly suitable for portable use and can easily be transported due to its low weight (approx. 68 kg) and compact build....

Company Profile

OR Technology

OR Technology has been successfully creating innovative and specialised X-ray solutions since 1991. OR Technology is a leading provider of digital X-ray imaging (CR, DR) and image management (PACS). Its clients include hospitals, universities and specialised medical practices as well as aid organisations, medical services and customers from the industry (NDT) and public authorities (security). OR Technology’s know how is based on decades of experience in developing software for digital image processing combined with specialized knowledge in the field of X-ray technology.

OR Technology is in a position to offer sophisticated and individually configurable system solutions to partners in medicine (human and vet) and industry. All product development takes place at the company’s HQ, based in Germany. The headquarters also house the company’s multilingual service department. The company’s prosperous track record includes several thousand installed X-ray and image processing systems in over 70 countries worldwide.

    • Company profile OR Technology - X-ray and image management solutions for medicine and industry
    • ORCA - The DICOM cloud for medical images and documents
    • The portable and fully digital X-ray system Amadeo M mini
    • Portable Leonardo DR nano system for X ray examinations
    • Medici DR systems – DR retrofits for your existing X-ray system to operate without cassettes
    • VersariX - the portable mounting system for X-ray detectors

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