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    8. Juni 2020   Empresa de Rostock suministra equipos de rayos X móviles y portátiles en todo el mundo.
    La empresa de Rostock Oehm & Rehbein GmbH ha registrado un aumento significativo en las ventas de equipos móviles de rayos X en los últimos meses. ...

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OR Technology

OR Technology has been successfully creating innovative and specialised X-ray solutions since 1991. OR Technology is a leading provider of digital X-ray imaging (CR, DR) and image management (PACS). Its clients include hospitals, universities and specialised medical practices as well as aid organisations, medical services and customers from the industry (NDT) and public authorities (security). OR Technology’s know how is based on decades of experience in developing software for digital image processing combined with specialized knowledge in the field of X-ray technology.

OR Technology is in a position to offer sophisticated and individually configurable system solutions to partners in medicine (human and vet) and industry. All product development takes place at the company’s HQ, based in Germany. The headquarters also house the company’s multilingual service department. The company’s prosperous track record includes several thousand installed X-ray and image processing systems in over 70 countries worldwide.

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OR Technology Company profile

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