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OR Technology

OR Technology ha estado creando con éxito soluciones de rayos X innovadoras y especializadas desde 1991. O Tecnología es un proveedor líder de imágenes digitales de rayos X (CR, DR) y gestión de imágenes (PACS). Sus clientes incluyen hospitales, universidades y prácticas médicas especializadas, así como organizaciones de ayuda, servicios médicos y clientes de la industria (END) y autoridades públicas (seguridad).El know-how de OR Technology se basa en décadas de experiencia en el desarrollo de software para procesamiento de imágenes digitales combinado con conocimientos especializados en el campo de la tecnología de rayos X. 

La OR Technology está en condiciones de ofrecer sofisticadas e individualmente configurables sistemas de soluciones a los socios en la medicina (humanos y veterinarios) y la industria. Todo el desarrollo de productos tiene lugar en la sede de la empresa, en Alemania.La sede también alberga el departamento de servicio multilingüe de la empresa. La trayectoria próspera de la compañía incluye varios miles de sistemas de rayos X y de procesamiento de imágenes instalados en más de 70 países de todo el mundo.


Chronology of OR Technology

  • Foundation of OR Technology [Oehm und Rehbein] Rostock, Germany

  • Installation of the first digital X-ray system incl. PACS in an orthopaedic surgeon's practice in Bavaria, Germany

  • Development of our own PACS solution dicomPACS®

  • Establishment of the “OR Technology competence group” in Germany

  • Entry in the international market

  • Extension of our business area by incorporating veterinary medicine

  • Expansion of the international network of distributors

  • Introduction of our own dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition softwarefor DR & CR, and first OEM partnership
  • Changed company structure: from a pure software provider to a system supplier
  • Staff growth in the departments of development, support and marketing/PR
  • More than 5000 installed work stations in over 40 countries and more than 50 distributors worldwide
  • Hong Kong: entering the NDT market (non-destructive testing) with pearl imaging
  • Introduction of the new web based ORIX support system
  • Moving to the new headquarters in Rostock (Germany) with 50 employees
  • Winner of the Export Award of the local Industrial Chamber of Commerce
  • Introduction of the fully automated Amadeo U-arm system
  • Establishment of OR Technology's in house training academy
  • Launch of the Leonardo suitcase system (incl. modern design: DR mini system)
  • Release of ORCA® (OR Cloud Archiving)
  • Entering the national security market by installation at a federal authority
  • Extension of the stationary and mobile Amadeo product range
  • Expansion of the Leonardo DR system family
  • Developing our dealer network nationally and internationally to include about 70 countries
  • Expansion of the business in NDT, security and maritime sector
  • Introduction of an order management system (OMS) in ORIX for our partners
  • dicomPACS® Upper Cervical Chiropractic Tools
  • Divario CR-T series as FUJI OEM
  • 250th PerkinElmer XRpad flat panel sold
  • New sales in Bahrain, Bolivia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam etc.
  • Launch of our own flat panel series XenOR
  • In-house development of the lightweight mobile X-ray system Amadeo M mini
  • Establishment of our new web presence
  • Expansion of sales activities in the South American market
  • OR Technology X-ray systems on all 7 continents incl. Antarctic 
  • Expansion in the Security sector - lelivery of 25 Leonardo DR mini systems for the police forces of an Asian state
  • Contract with the first OEM partner in China
  • Market introduction of Leonardo DR mini succeeding model
  • Introduction of the new Leonardo DR mini II X-ray suitcase

  • New sales partners in Jordan, Bolivia and Peru

  • Planning start for new company building for production, prototype construction and storage

  • Expansion of international sales network

  • New print media concept

  • Image brochure OR Technology
    Beyond a good Image: Global strategy - Tailor made innovation - Milestones on the road to success - Customised products - Quality ensured - Competence under one roof Working together with enthusiasm

Vision, quality and growth - our foundation for a lasting and beneficial relationship

The story of OR Technology is closely connected with the development of medical and industrial technology over the past two decades.

Even if the markets have changed globally during that period, innovation, quality, competence and cooperation are solid components of our company's philosophy. A visionary strategy, innovative ideas, consistent quality policies, investments in development and service, as well as the strategic set-up of an international network of distributors enabled our company to grow from a supplier of medical practice administration systems within Germany to a software system provider operating around the world. 

By now our team consists of more than 60 highly qualified and experienced programmers, IT specialists and experts in the fields of marketing and sales. To maintain lasting business relations on an international level, our staff prove their intercultural and technical expertise on a daily basis and now communicate with our customers and suppliers in no less than eight languages. They are a key to our success and our most valuable asset. OR Technology is now a leading provider of customised system solutions for human and veterinary medicine, security and industry.


Our Sustainability Policy

„We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there.“

Charles F. Kettering, American industrialist (1876 – 1958)


OR Technology has been producing digital X-ray technologies and developing image management software for more than 25 years. Our in-house solutions are used in private practices, radiology departments and hospitals all over the world. In order for our company to grow in a sustainable manner, we must pay attention to environmental as well as economic and social considerations. We acknowledge our corporate responsibility to balance and promote these three pillars of sustainability. 

We rise to the challenge of developing our company sustainably and improving the working environment of our employees on a daily basis. Our goal is to reduce our ecological footprint to the greatest extent possible.


OR Technology promotes and implements the following sustainability initiatives:

Our facility in Rostock uses green power provided by Naturstrom.
Our buildings are not air-conditioned. In the winter, heat recovery ventilation reduces heat loss and improves energy efficiency.
We encourage our employees to rely less on personal vehicles for travel to and from work. OR Technology contributes to the purchase of employee bicycles and has company bikes available for use.
Free bottled water in reusable bottles from a local company is available for all employees
Local, organically grown fruits are available for free once a week
Our company headquarters in Rostock are bright and have a friendly atmosphere. The building is located near the banks of the Warnow River and provides a wonderful view of the landscape all year round.
Company employees have free access to wide array of sports and fitness activities including yoga, badminton and squash, as well as fitness studio classes.
Professional development is encouraged and supported where possible. Weekly English classes are offered.
OR Technology offers its employees flexible working hours to improve work-family balance.
Interactions between employees in various departments are encouraged. Annual events such as a summer party, a Christmas party and a trip to Hanse Sail further strengthen bonds throughout the company
OR Technology has an active apprenticeship program. Today‘s apprentices may be tomorrow‘s employees.
OR Technology leads an expertise network with local partners in many countries worldwide. These partnerships promote quick support and competent service for all customers, regardless of location.
OR Technology demonstrates social responsibility. In 2015 the company donated medical equipment and funds for refugees.
We follow the principals of sustainability in research and development as well as in production. Our goal is to repair and modernize equipment rather than immediately replace it.

As a globally active company, we offset the CO2 emissions of all business flights of our employees via the platform www.atmosfair.de.

OR Technology is proud of the many corporate sustainability initiatives already implemented within our company. We have chosen to make the overarching responsibility underlying these activities a central tenant of our company policy. Sustainability initiatives must be regularly assessed, modified, redefined and, if necessary, adapted to new circumstances. We accept today‘s challenge for a better tomorrow.