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Company Locations

Whether with our service staff or our sales partners, we are there for you on site.

As one of the leading manufacturers and developers of image management and digital X-ray equipment with headquarters in Rostock and our own subsidiary in the UK, we have a dense network of service technicians, multilingual staff and offer you worldwide support.

The OR Technology group of companies is a multinational medical technology and software provider with relevant market shares in the largest European markets and a presence in over 140 countries.


Headquarters Rostock

OR Technology
Neptunallee 7c
18057 Rostock, Germany

Telephone/head office: +49 381 36 600 500
E-mail: info@oehm-rehbein.de


Locations Great Britain

Celtic SMR ltd.
Frederick House,
Hayston View,
Johnston SA62 3AQ,
United Kingdom

Tel. +44 800 279 9050
E-mail: sales@celticsmr.co.uk


Celtic SMR ltd.
Sovereign Court, Wyrefields,
Poulton Industrial Estate,
Poulton-le-Fylde FY6 8JX,
United Kingdom



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