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    • Digital X-ray

      X-ray, conveniently from the ceiling

      The heart of the Amadeo C-DR is the ceiling mount. Its flexible rail solutions and its customisable preferred positions allow the variable positioning of wall mounts and Bucky tables for a wide range of needs.

      The Amadeo C-DR is available in a number of versions. There is an X-ray system with two 17"x17" detectors integrated in the wall stand and patient table, or alternatively with a 17"x17" detector integrated in the wall stand and a wireless 14"x17" mobile panel used in the table. A version with three detectors is also available on request.

      You can find all important information about the ceiling mounted X-ray system on our website www.or-technology.com. The product brochure "Digital radiography with the ceiling mounted X-ray system Amadeo C" can be found online as well.

    • The cloud for DICOM images

      DICOM images in original quality can be stored and shared in the cloud

      Just at the start of the year, OR Technology introduces the DICOM cloud for medical practitioners.
      ORCA (OR Technology Cloud Archiving) is a custom cloud solution for storing medical documents, including DICOM images and reports, and sharing them with multiple distribution groups. The images can be viewed with any device with an Internet connection.

      The ORCA website https://orca.de.com provides all important information and documents about the registration as well as the ORCA functions and the costs. The ORCA product video on the OR Technology YouTube channel demonstrates how the cloud solution works and explains the special functions and advantages in the medical workplace in detail.