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Discover our fully battery-operated X-ray unit for maximum mobility and flexibility. Thanks to its lightweight design, it is perfect for mobile independent use in challenging environments. Benefit from the high efficiency of this mobile X-ray system, which guarantees up to 200 high-quality X-ray images without recharging.

The „next level“ of #mobileX-ray !

Mobile, wireless X-ray unit - Amadeo M-DR miniAmadeo M-DR mini - fully battery-operated X-ray system

Completely battery-operated

From the digital X-ray detector to the generator, this X-ray machine runs entirely on battery power and therefore offers maximum mobility without the need for power connections.

More information about the battery-powered generator

Long battery life

Can run for up to 8 hours on a single charge, allowing continuous use throughout the day and in any environment without interruption.

High imaging capacity

Up to 200 high-quality X-ray images without recharging - this ensures high efficiency and productivity in medical diagnostics.

Even more features

Lightweight design

Significantly lighter than the previous model, which improves transport and handling in various applications and environments. This optimises general mobility. Also swivelling the generator arm is now much easier. This makes it much easier to position the generator and increases the machine's tilt stability.

Show me the system in action

Andrej Tukov - Radiologist in ukraine

Working under serious conditions!
Andrej Tukov - Izyum, Ukraine

The mobile Amadeo M-DR mini was the only functional X-ray machine for the entire city of Isyum and the district. Even under challenging conditions and without prior training, the operation of the mobile X-ray system was intuitive and immediately understandable. Despite extremely adverse conditions, including freezing temperatures and repeated power outages:
50 Patients per day 15000 Shots in total

It's a machine
David Kujoth - Head of our development department

More than just a machine - a reliable partner.

"Next Level Amadeo M-DR mini is more than just an X-ray machine. It is a reliable partner in the field, no matter where - in crisis situations such as earthquakes and other disasters or in hospitals, with mobile paramedics and X-ray service providers. Completely battery-operated, it can run for up to 8 hours without power and is capable of delivering up to 200 X-ray images. It's just incredibly useful. It's a machine."
Mary Jones - Mobile radiology service in Ireland

Designed for daily business!
Mary Jones - Mobile Medical Diagnostics, Dublin

I like the low maintenance requirement, the protective storage for laptop and detector plate. The wheels allow for easy 360 degree rotation, the stabilising wheels are also very functional. It is good value for money and the image quality is excellent with very low radiation emissions.
I am 100% satisfied!

Amadeo M-DR mini
#mobilexray at the highest level

The mobile all-rounder Amadeo M-DR mini runs entirely on battery power and can therefore be used wirelessly. It is ideal for outdoor use, in challenging terrain and situations as well as for bedside recordings in intensive care units. Thanks to its low weight and compact design, it is easy to transport, can be pulled effortlessly over stairs, can be rotated without lifting and remains stable even on sloping surfaces.

The system contains all the necessary components: X-ray detector, X-ray generator and image processing station with integrated acquisition and diagnostic software. It enables all X-ray images of extremities, thorax, spine, abdomen and pelvis to be taken.

The Amadeo M-DR mini fulfils international certification standards (ISO, CE, FDA, MDSAP, HSA) and is registered with NATO code CJ168 and PIN no. 6525-01400.

X-ray picture of a human skull made with dicomPacs

Including professional acquisition and diagnostic software for human medicine

The centrepiece of every Amadeo M-DR mini is the  dicomPACS®DX-R  acquisition and control software with integrated X-ray assistant developed by OR-Technology.

The professional  dicomPACS®DX-R  image processing, which can be adapted to special user requirements, impresses with its outstanding image quality. Powerful image editing processes allow organ-specific optimisation and thus guarantee X-ray images of the highest quality.

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Frequently asked questions

How are trouble-free workflows guaranteed? Which scenario applies if the X-ray machine or the software fails?

Our X-ray systems are designed so that they do not require any regular maintenance. If you do have a problem, you can contact us at any time. OR Technology has its own support centre [+49 381 36 600 800] with over 20 employees. Here you will receive help asap. Usually, software problems can be solved quickly via remote maintenance. Our field technicians will make an appointment with you asap if something needs to be repaired or replaced on site.

What you should look out for when buying mobile X-ray devices!

Where should the system be used?

Mobile X-ray units are extremely versatile and can be used in disaster areas as well as in intensive care units. For disaster areas, it is important that the device is robust and easy to transport and can cope with power failures.

How important is the weight of the device?

Weight plays a decisive role, especially if the device has to be moved frequently. Lighter devices are easier to transport, which is a great advantage in mobile applications or in cramped hospital rooms.

Which functionalities are decisive?
  • Image quality: High-resolution images are essential for accurate diagnoses.
  • Ease of use: An intuitive user interface makes work easier.
  • Battery life: Long battery life is crucial for mobile use.
  • Network connection: A good network enables fast data transfer and storage.

Is the device suitable for a large number of patients?

Mobile X-ray units should be able to examine a large number of patients quickly and efficiently. Look for devices with short warm-up times and fast imaging processes to optimise the workflow.

Are mobile X-ray machines accurate and reliable?

Yes, modern mobile X-ray machines offer high precision and reliability. They are equipped with advanced technologies that ensure excellent image quality and accurate diagnoses. Make sure to choose a device from a reputable manufacturer that is known for quality and reliability.

How do I find the best mobile X-ray system?

You've already found it, the Amadeo M-DR mini.