DICONDE image management and image archiving for Radiographic Testing (RT) in the NDT sector

DICONDE (Digital Imaging and Communication in Non Destructive Evaluation) is a manufacturer independent file format for X-ray images. DICONDE is the basis for modern software solutions for industrial non-destructive testing.

dicondePACS - the DICONDE image management system from OR Technology - is a sophisticated, high-tech image management solution that is ideal for long-term archiving of images and reports. With dicondePACS, all digitally generated images (e.g. radiographic examinations [RT] with digital detectors) as well as various types of documents and reports are stored in a digital DICONDE archive and are always easily accessible.

Thanks to the variety of functions with many special solutions for the field of non-destructive testing, dicondePACS enables you to set up your work environment individually and optimally within the scope of a material or quality inspection. Intuitive measuring tools facilitate the evaluation directly in the digital test fixtures. The test results of your inspections can be easily exchanged with specialists via email and cloud services from the DICONDE archive.

Our carefully developed archive and backup solutions guarantee fast access to all data and high security standards. In addition, the software can be easily integrated into all common DICONDE systems.


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Professional digital image management

Modular design

  • Simple adaptation according to the size and type of your company and its branches, departments or other facilities
  • User-friendly, clear and neat structure, low training effort and short training time
  • The user interface can be customized according to your requirements
  • Hot keys can be assigned to common functions for greater efficiency


Adaptable and individualised features

  • Special tools for labelling, marking, measuring and comparing
  • Parallel processing (e.g., data input can continue while burning a CD)
  • „Perfect memory“ - images retain all previous markings and settings, including zoom and alignments
  • Several objects under investigation can be evaluated in parallel – numerous program windows can be opened simultaneously without loss of speed (depending on computer memory)



  • Easy integration into existing DICONDE-, DICOM- or DICOS environment
  • Storage of all images, photos, videos and documents exclusively according to international DICONDE standards



  • Numerous tools, features and expansions special for NDT
  • Windowing, zoom and filter functions
  • Integrated web server, project documentation, job planning
  • Special measurement functions
  • Integration of dictation and speech recognition systems etc.


Cost and depreciation 

  • Expansions and updates can easily be integrated into the modular design over many years
  • Very cost-effective – rapid depreciation possible
  • Remote maintenance service available



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  • Product overview Strong Workmate for Non-Destructive (RT)
    Digital systems from OR Technology deliver X-ray images of the highest quality to detect even the smallest deviations during daily inspections.

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Digital Imaging and Communication in Non Destructive Evaluation (DICONDE)

dicondePACS  is a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) that performs many different, at times highly complex, tasks. It connects, controls and manages everything related to your images: from image acquisition and the compilation of diagnostic reports, to archiving and transferring image data and Cloud services. 

The program ensures that high quality images can be distributed and viewed quickly, and without complications (e.g., via our cloud server ORCA). The system is also extremely flexible and can be configured for many different application scenarios.


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Report module

Facilitates generating reports (e.g., work reports) and incorporates MS Word macros with integrated images, optional digital dictation system with speech recognition


Statistics module

Assists in the analysis of the entire database allowing user-defined parametres and custom statistical analyses

Video module

Records standard and non-standard video signals as single images and video sequences

dicondePACS MobileView

A concurrent license model allows users to access images in DICOM quality via an internet browser on any PC including tablets and Ultrabooks 

Speech recognition systems

Several different digital dictation and speech recognition systems can be integrated to facilitate generating medical reports


Images and reports can be shared directly or transferred via our cloud solution ORCA

Distributed archives

Multiple archives hosted on distributed hardware platforms designed for the requirements of different groups of specialized departments or subsidiaries

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Further optional modules and add-ons

PACS MobileView Materialpruefung

dicondePACS MobileView -  the web-based viewer for mobile devices
The web-based viewer contains all the basic functions for viewing images. You can view images virtually with any browser on mobile devices. dicondePACS MobileView offers a previously unknown degree of mobile freedom, the images are available anywhere.


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Subject to technical modifications