Universal X-ray system with bucky table and wall stand for military hospital

Every radiologist, doctor and paramedic must operate efficiently and carefully. Our universal X-ray systems fulfil this need and are in demand in the military sector. The Amadeo R, equipped with a Bucky table and wall stand, can be installed in highly confined spaces. The professional acquisition and diagnosis software, dicomPACS®DX-R, is simple to operate and well-suited to frequently changing staff. The X-ray tube and the Bucky tray of the wall stand can be lowered to ground level. The large floating table top can support virtually all patient sizes. A shorter table top is available for confined spaces. Various options such as auto-tracking, stitching or a vertically adjustable table help speed up the workflow in highly frequented radiology departments.




Four versions of the Amadeo R X-ray system are available:

Amadeo R-DR:

with two fixed detectors (43 x 43 cm, CsI) or

with one fixed CsI detector (43 x 43 cm) and one wireless X-ray detector (35 x 43 cm, CsI) or

with one or two wireless X-ray detectors (35 x 43 cm, CsI)

Amadeo R-AX:

a conventional X-ray system with Bucky table and wall stand for use with CR systems or film cassettes

Features & Benefits of Amadeo R systems

Ideally suited for confined spaces

Thanks to the small tabletop option, the complete system can be fully operational even when space is limiting.

X-rays from head to toe

The Amadeo R system can be used for imaging skull, thorax, pelvis, skeletal system and extremities in a prone, sitting or standing position.

Excellent image quality

The high-quality flat panel detectors delivered with the system use a caesium iodide (CsI) scintillator and boast excellent image quality even at low radiation doses.


The workflow is quick and well-documented. The X-ray image is available for viewing and diagnosis within 6-8 seconds of triggering.

Easy handling

A functional design assures that the system is easy and safe to operate. Radiological staff can quickly familiarise themselves with the system and take advantage of all features, including the ability to lower the X-ray tube assembly and Bucky tray to ground level. 

User-friendly software

The professional dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition software sports an intuitive and modern graphical user interface. All examinations are conducted comfortably at a single monitor. X-ray parameters are automatically transferred to the generator.

No more bothersome detector rotation

Thanks to the 43 cm x 43 cm flat panel detector, switching between portrait and landscape orientation is no longer necessary. Images of extremities are a breeze with the removable motorised grid.

Acquisition and diagnostic software for X-ray images

Acquisition and diagnostic software for X-ray images

At the heart of each Amadeo system is the dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition and diagnostic software with the integrated X-ray positioning guide developed by OR Technology. 

The software controls X-ray generators and X-ray units of various manufacturers, providing a smooth and structured workflow. A simple and user friendly GUI (graphical user interface), operated by touchscreen or mouse, completes the system.

The professional dicomPACS®DX-R image processing can be adapted to individual user needs and offers outstanding image quality in human and veterinary medicine. It has been specially developed to enable organ specific viewing quality optimisation, guaranteeing the highest quality of X-ray images.

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X-ray detectors for Amadeo R systems

list of the available X-ray detectors

Here you can find a list of the available X-ray detectors. Different types and sizes of X-ray detectors allow an individual configuration of the system.

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  • Product information universal X-ray system Amadeo R
    Universal X-ray system with bucky table and wall stand - ideal for small rooms, with various options such as auto-tracking, stitching or a vertically adjustable table

  • Product information dicomPACS® Upper Cervical (NUCCA)and Standard Chiropractic Tools
    Diagnostic tools for optimal chiropractical treatment

  • Brochure Digital X-ray for mobile and inpatient medical facilities
    Portfolio for military emergency medical services: Mobile digital all-in-one system for your medical faciIity or field hospital, portable digital systems as an upgrade kit for already existing mobile or stationary X-ray equipment, stationary digital X-ray complete system

  • Product information protection box for 14x17 inch detector
    vThis protection box protects 14x17 inch wireless X-ray detectors from external shocks and strong vibrations. The housing contains several protective layers to absorb shocks and increase the load capacity.

Optional add-ons

dicomPACS®MobileView – the web-based viewer for mobile devices

dicomPACS®MobileView – the web-based viewer for mobile devices
The web-based viewer contains all the basic functions for viewing images. You can view images virtually with any browser on mobile devices. dicomPACS®MobileView offers doctors and nursing staff a previously unknown degree of mobile freedom in the workplace inside and outside of hospitals or practices, with the radiological image material available from anywhere.

<i>dicomPACS</i><sup>®</sup> – the sophisticated and high-tech image management solution

dicomPACS® – the sophisticated and high-tech image management solution  
With dicomPACS® all images generated by digital X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound devices, as well as diverse documents (e.g. doctor's letters, medical findings, medical history, faxes) are stored in a digital patient folder and readily accessible. 



  • Amadeo-Reference - Digital X-ray with Amadeo R in Orthopedic Group Practice on Ludwigsplatz, Germany
    Dr. med. Marcus Trauschel: "After a market analysis and the demonstration of several alternative X-ray systems in a functioning radiological practice, we chose the Amadeo system. We were convinced not only by the Amadeo R-DR's excellent image quality and simple handling using the console software, but also by the first-rate service support we had experienced during our many years with OR Technology."

Technical Data for Amadeo R (standard configuration)

HF generator

50 - 80 kW

X-ray table

Four-way floating table (220 x 81 cm)
Movement range: longitudinal axis 110 cm and horizontal axis 24 cm
Motorised Bucky for oscillating grid
Oscillating grid for FDD 86 - 112 cm
Three-field ionisation chamber (AEC)
Bucky can travel across the entire length of the table
Two-stage electromagnetic lock with foot control

Wall stand

Height adjustable with counterweight balance system Vertical movement range 149 cm
Motorised Bucky for oscillating grid
Oscillating grid for FDD 100 – 180 cm
Three-field ionisation chamber (AEC)
Choice of electrical or mechanical brakes
Easy glide system for effortless vertical positioning

X-ray tube stand

Movable stand with control panel / X-ray tube support arm, a counterweight balance system ensures smooth motion
Height adjustable with 360° rotation
Movement range: longitudinal axis 195 cm, horizontal axis 162 cm
Collimator with adjustable aperture and halogen bulb
Full-field light beam localiser
Optional dose-area product meter

X-ray tube 150 kVp

Optical focal spot: 0.6 and 1.2, anode speed: 2,850 rpm
Anode angle: 12°, heat capacity: 300 KHU, focal spot: 0.6 / 1.2 mm
Max. KVP: 150 kVp

2 x flat panel detector 17"x17" CsI

Flat panel detector with excellent image quality and prompt image availability (only for Amadeo R-DR)

1 x flat panel detector 17"x17" CsI wireless

Wireless X-ray imaging!
Fits into existing X-ray systems without additional modification (in place of the X-ray film cassette), fast-charging, long-lasting batteries (only for Amadeo R-DRw)

Operator control via dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition station

Mini PC with touch screen monitor, dicomPACS®DX-R professional console software with modern graphical interface

Operator control via generator software

Only for Amadeo R-AX

Optional Components for Amadeo R Systems:

DAP meter (dose-area product)


Upgrade From 50 kW to 65 kW
From 50 kW to 80 kW
Tilting wall stand


X-ray tube stand „R“ version (rotation)


X-ray tube stand „T“ version (transversal)


Motorised collimator without filter option


Motorised collimator with filter option


LWS/ BWS filters Filters for manual exchange available
Patient positioning table – height adjustable

Four-way lifting table for effortless patient positioning
Dimensions: 220 (or 185 ) cm x 81 cm
Height: ranging from 55 to 85 cm
Patient weight limit: 230 kg
Convenient foot pedal control


The autotracking feature has several functions:

1. Patient standing:
The X-ray tube tracks the Bucky on the wall stand as it is raised and lowered

2. Patient on examination table:
The Bucky in the table tracks the X-ray tube as it moves horizontally

3. Patient on examination table:
The X-ray tube tracks the table as it is raised and lowered (FFD remains constant)  

Handle attached to wall stand

This handhold allows for better patient positioning during complex examinations

Subject to technical modifications

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