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Amadeo P high frequency X-ray units for portable X-ray for emergency services

High-quality X-ray images are nowadays no longer a problem for portable Monoblock X-ray units. The state-of-the-art high-frequency technology offers high performance in miniature format using only a standard power connection (220V/110V). Its low weight, user-friendly operation and the integrated interface for using the X-ray unit with a digital system enable various fields of application in medical practices, hospitals and emergency medicine.

Amadeo P 100 20HB 2

Amadeo P-100/20HB - portable battery-operated monoblock X-ray unit with high frequency technology

X-ray unit (11.2 kg including battery), equipped with a high powered rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, no AC power supply necessary, battery life approx. 300 exposures

Amadeo P 100 35HB 2

Amadeo P-100/35HB - battery-operated portable monoblock X-ray unit with high frequency technology

Compact, lightweight, battery-operated X-ray unit Amadeo P-100/35HB (approx. 14 kg including battery), high powered rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, 3000 mAs power output without recharging, no external power sources required to produce X-ray images, state-of-the-art microprocessor controls, PROM memory, battery status indicator,  mAs energy level display and dual laser collimator

Amadeo P 110 100H 2

Amadeo P-110/100H – portable monoblock X-ray unit with high frequency technology 

Features include modern LED light, high performance capacitor for a stable and reliable power supply, non-stop operation during brief power outage or relocation, weight approx. 19.6 kg,  max. power requirement 5.0 kW,  0.1-100 mAs




GIERTH QP 400 with dual laser pointer and rotating collimator

Monoblock X-ray unit with short exposure times, reduced radiation exposure, aluminium casing, laser diodes for exact positioning and much more


Add-ons to complete digital X-ray systems

Leonardo mini

Wireless radiography with the incredibly light and compact X-ray suitcase system
The combination of a portable Amadeo P-AX X-ray unit and the Leonardo suitcase solution constitutes a perfect symbiosis for mobile X-ray especially outdoors. Small, lightweight and functional – these are the main characteristics of the sleek and well-designed Leonardo DR mini. This wireless and compact suitcase solution is at 9.5 kg one of the most lightweight X-ray suitcases worldwide. 

Leonardo nano human

Superlight, portable X-ray system in the backpack

In combination with a portable Amadeo P-AX X-ray system you have a superb solution for mobile X-ray imaging. The Leonardo DR nano consists of two components only, a wireless X-ray detector and a tablet PC/notebook. Weighing only approx. 8 kg (complete package, bag incl. tablet PC, accessories and flat panel detektor), the system is one of the lightest portable X-ray solutions worldwide.