Sector-specific solutions

Human medicine

Digital X-ray, sonography, individually tailored & space-saving system solutions and medical image management (PACS) incl. connection of automatic, AI-supported reporting tools as well as cloud-based archive and sharing solutions for individual practices, practice associations and hospitals.

Veterinary medicine

Portable, lightweight X-ray machines and digital systems as well as stationary X-ray solutions and customised image management solutions (PACS) with automatic AI-based reporting tools as well as cloud solution.

Mobile X-ray service

Lightweight, mobile or portable X-ray units and complete digital systems including inituitively operable X-ray software for homecare services as well as fast and uncomplicated medical assistance in crisis areas and in the event of a disaster.

Maritime economy

Space-saving, easy to use X-ray systems - durable, robust and tilt-resistant - incl. intuitively operable X-ray software as well as cloud connection for professional reporting of X-ray images by colleagues or diagnostic centres.

Security sector

Handheld, intuitive X-ray systems with special security software for counter-terrorism, neutralising eavesdropping technology, scanning drug and weapons stashes and for radiological examinations of body-packing couriers.

Military medical services

Mobile and portable X-ray units as well as stationary complete X-ray systems incl. worldwide proven, language-compatible X-ray software for use in mobile hospitals, smaller mobile medical facilities and military hospitals.

Material and quality testing (NDT)

Lightweight X-ray equipment with and without pulse technology and portable, digital X-ray systems for non-destructive X-ray inspection for the detection of voids, cracks, inclusions and porosity.

Sales partnership

Professional, digital X-ray equipment and systems for stationary or mobile use as well as portable X-ray equipment from OR Technology as a competent, experienced partner for the expansion of competitive advantages in the medical market.

OEM partnership

Proven, flexible imaging acquisition and reporting software for hardware-independent use with a wide variety of X-ray components


OR Technology at Arab Health 2024

OR Technology at Arab Health 2024

We cordially invite you to ARAB HEALTH in Dubai from 29 January to 1 February 2024. Visit our stand SA.D54 of the German Health Alliance and discover our X-ray systems and software.
New X-ray detector Venu 1748V

New in our portfolio
Venu 1748V

Unique challenges require unique solutions. New in our portfolio is the large-format X-ray detector Venu 1748v (active area 17" x 48") for high-resolution whole-leg and spinal images without stitching. Developed by specialists for specialists, developed for you.
Siui sr 8230s portable x-ray generator

New in our X-ray portfolio

Our latest addition the sturdy 5 kW generator SIUI SR-8230S. Low weight, user-friendly touch screen and its multi-level splash water protection characterise this versatile, compact X-ray generator.

About OR Technology

Headquarters of the OR Technology X-ray manufacturer

OR Technology has been developing sophisticated and individually tailored system solutions for medicine and industry for the international market since 1991. The company supplies complex systems for conventional and digital X-ray equipment in hospitals, clinics and specialist practices, but also for the NDT and security sector.

OR Technology know-how is based on decades of experience in the development of software for digital image processing, combined with special expertise in X-ray technology. A close dialogue with doctors, universities and engineers is an important part of our company's innovative activities. ....

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