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      Artificial Intelligence

      Kickoff for Artificial Intelligence in the field of veterinary medicine

      The time has come. OR Technology goes live with AI. The integration of Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly important and supports qualified professionals in their daily routine operations.

      "We are pleased to be the first provider in Germany to be able to make parts of X-ray diagnosis easier for veterinarians by using Artificial Intelligence," emphasises Bernd Oehm, Managing Director of Rostock-based OR Technology GmbH.

      The AI-supported HD-measurement for dogs (Norberg angle) has been implemented in our dicomPACS® image management system. An algorithm inserts the HD-measurement into the image with just one click automatically. The time-consuming drawing of circles and lines for both hip joints is now a thing of the past. It does not matter whether the X-ray image is slightly crooked or in which magnification the image is displayed. This saves an enormous amount of time in hip dysplasia diagnostics and optimises the workflow.

      Further information will follow. Stay tuned.

    • Oehm und Rehbein

      X-rays as strong as a horse

      Perfect imaging quality and simple workflows

      Whether X-ray case or backpack, our digital portable Leonardo X-ray units meet your high demands for excellent image quality and make the X-ray process efficient in your daily practice routine in stables & equine clinics.
      All X-ray solutions ensure fast and uncomplicated treatment of horses on site at the customer’s stable, in your clinic or practice and guarantee the best possible diagnostics. Even many examinations in short time, for example at horse auctions, as well as x-raying in the paddock is no problem with our mobile x-ray systems.
      In addition to the professional digital solutions "Made in Germany", we provide extensive support, even after hours. All systems are extremely low-maintenance and can be operated intuitively.
      The X-ray software included in all systems for image acquisition, reporting and archiving was also developed by OR Technology and has already proven itself several thousand times worldwide. Information exchange via cloud (optional) is guaranteed. A module for the detailed, legally compliant documentation of X-ray services for horse purchase examinations incl. comparison images - developed in cooperation with GPM (German Equine Veterinary Association GEVA) - is also available. [currently only available for Germany].