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    • Oehm und Rehbein

      Popular small animal X-ray table

      Perfect for small animal practice, the second generation of the Amadeo V nano

      Our cost-effective full X-ray system Amadeo V nano II offers many additional features developed at the OR Technology headquarters in Rostock. X-raying and the entire workflow will be even easier for you.
      The patient positioning table is equipped with a floating, completely flat table top without upstands and offers generous travel distances. The four corners of the tabletop are rounded and the front sides are equipped with 3 cable clamps each.
      A large drawer with storage space for small parts and positioning aids has been built into the table under the compartment for the CsI detector with the included software grid.
      The high-frequency generator with rotatable light beam diaphragm is integrated directly in the X-ray table via the stand, almost vibration-free.
      With a power of 5.6 kW and a double tube (0.6/1.8 mm), it meets all the requirements for use in veterinary medicine. We would also like to highlight the modern touch display with anatomy programs for the entire small animal spectrum. Both the respective species and the body parts to be examined can be selected.
      The compact X-ray system allows installation in the smallest of spaces. Connection to a standard socket (230 V) is sufficient.

      See for yourself. With our product video we would like to demonstrate the advantages of our new model Amadeo V nano II even better.
      For further information and advantages, please refer to the product information.

    • Oehm und Rehbein

      Motorised X-ray system

      Universal X-ray for Human

      With the new motorised X-ray system, OR Technology is expanding its product range for the inpatient sector in human medicine.
      The Amadeo R motorised, consisting of a bucky table and grid wall stand, offers many advantages for the medical staff and ensures fast comfortable care of different patients.
      The digital X-ray unit is suitable for all X-ray exposures in sitting, lying and standing positions. An intuitive 10" touchscreen display simplifies its operation. Up to 60 pre-adjusted positions of stand height, alignment and SID (Source-Image Distance) speed up the alignment of the universal unit.
      The X-ray tube and bucky tray of the grid wall stand are designed to be lowered to the floor. The X-ray tube automatically follows the bucky tray of the wall stand as long as the column stand is not above the X-ray table. The X-ray table with 6-position height-adjustable table top has a high loading capacity so that patients of any weight class can be examined without any problems. An armrest is attached to the grid drawer of the wall stand to provide support for patients during demanding exposures.
      X-ray staff quickly become familiar with the procedures and the use of our professional acquisition and reporting software dicomPACS®DX-R.
      The X-ray system takes up only a small space without reducing its full functionality.
      For more information click here... or watch our new product video.