Software for acquisition and evaluation of X-ray imaging with matrix detectors (DDA) and CR systems

ORsecure is a professional acquisition and control software for radiographic testing (RT) with X-rays in the context of object protection, personal security as well as border control and airport security (e.g. lost and found, bomb disposal, smuggling or customs matters, counterintelligence, etc.). The X-ray software is designed for the use of mobile X-ray generators and digital image sources.

The system is intuitive, can be operated via touchscreen, contains many helpful features and offers professional image processing. These powerful image processing procedures allow material- and application-specific optimisation and thus guarantee X-ray images with the highest image quality.

This enables you as a user to make the right decision in just a few seconds, even in stressful situations.

ORsecure is therefore the "heart" of your X-ray system for lost luggage inspection, bomb disposal or counterintelligence etc. regardless of whether this involves retrofitting existing X-ray systems, completely new systems including generator control or suitcase solutions with portable / mobile X-ray generators.



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Features & Benefits of the ORsecure software

Excellent usability and optimised workflow
  • Modern graphical user interface (GUI), adaptable for almost any language version
  • Touchscreen operation - this guarantees fast, efficient work and an optimal workflow
  • Free configuration of the inspection objects already contained in the system (specifications for inspection images incl. X-ray setting values)
  • Secure and fast acquisition of ad hoc inspections without prior detailed planning
  • Allows switching between planned examinations of a security-relevant object to be inspected
  • Allows subsequent addition of images to object examinations
  • Recurring X-ray sequences can be recorded as macros
  • Photos can be assigned to document the situation on site and saved in DICOS format
  • Possibility to control the digital X-ray system via a wireless remote control incl. display of the work list, preview of the captured image to check the capture and much more
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Other advantages of ORsecure

Professional image processing
  • Perfect images at all times – generally no adjustment required
  • Integrated software for automatic image optimisation with COP:
    • ADPC – automatic dead pixel correction
      Automatically eliminates dead pixels – this reduces the need to calibrate the flat panel
    • AIAA – automatic image area analysis
      Automatically analyses each image  and applies the most suitable image processing algorithms
    • MFLA – multi frequency level analysis
      Analyses each image on various frequency levels for ideal sharpness and high contrast
    • ANF – automatic noise filter
      Algorithm for optimal noise reduction
    • IBC – intelligent brightness control
      Automatically displays the image at the ideal level of brightness
    • ACO – automatic contrast optimisation
      Automatic contrast equalisation across the entire image
  • Professional image processing adaptable for individual object
  • inspection according to specific customer requirements
  • Very good detail recognition and image quality for fast evaluation
  • Noise suppression
Outstanding image evaluation

Integrated ORsecure viewer for image diagnosis, processing, and storage in an SQL database, including image manipulation and filter, export options, layout adjustments, user interface customisation and much more:

  • Measure grey values, plot grey value profiles
  • Stepless zoom, panning, cropping, magnifying glass function
  • Measurement of distances, angles, areas, wall thicknesses (calibrated and uncalibrated),
  • labelling and marking, e.g. arrows, free text, ellipses, rectangles, etc.
  • Adjustment of window/level values, gamma correction
  • Noise reduction, sharpness filter, high-pass filter
  • False colour display (pseudo colour), intelligent image inversion
  • Provision of many additional functions, e.g. image comparison (subtraction), stitching (optional), etc.
  • Expandable to a networked DICOS image management system (PACS)
Image export, integrated image distribution
  • Worldwide distribution of images to colleagues and customers via ORCA®
  • Images can be exported in JPEG, TIFF, BMP and DICOS formats – also anonymised
  • Images can be printed with Windows OS printers as well as laser imagers via DICOS Basic Print
  • Creation of USB sticks for customers with free web-based viewer or virtual customer CD (code generation for online access to images via cloud )
  • If required, external archiving can be realised via the ORCA® Cloud
  • Built-in email tool for image distribution – no external email application necessary
  • Image distribution to multiple recipients via image management systems
  • and DICOS store
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  • Product brochure ORsecure software for analysis and evaluation of X-ray images in security sector
    Professional acquisition and control software for generating digital radiographic images with X-ray or gamma radiation & for fast analysis and evaluation of the images

  • Brochure Digital radiography for targeted operations against terrorism, for civil defense and forensic science
    The security industry is a globally growing market that includes many business fields: public authorities, embassies, municipal bomb squads, airports or corporations use radiography to examine suspicious objects in different locations

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Optional add-ons

diconde PACS - the web-based viewer for mobile devices security

dicosPACS®MobileView the web-based viewer for mobile devices
The web-based viewer contains all the basic functions for viewing images. You can view images virtually with any browser on mobile devices. dicosPACS®MobileView offers a previously unknown degree of mobile freedom, the images are available anywhere.

Digital image management for mobile X-ray technology in the security sector (e.g. EOD/IOD)

Digital image management for mobile X-ray technology in the security sector (e.g. EOD/IOD)  
The dicosPACS® software covers the acquisition, processing, transfer and archiving of image material. Thanks to the variety of functions with many special solutions, dicosPACS® enables you to set up your working environment in the service of security in a completely individual and optimal way.

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