Archiving of medical images in in the DICOM cloud for mobile examinations in an emergency

Cloud solutions have been tried and tested worldwide. This technology provides access to state-of-the-art software services on a pay-per-use basis, while simultaneously reducing the need for expensive computing and communications infrastructure in the office. An ever growing number of companies has chosen to rely on services and memory hosted remotely in the “cloud”. A daily challenge in human medicine is processing the large volume of images generated by modern equipment. Medical diagnostics greatly benefits from advances in high-quality imaging techniques and at the same time is faced with ever-growing data volumes.

Mobile X-ray services benefit greatly from recent advances in high-quality imaging techniques and at the same time are faced with ever-growing data volumes. The ability to archive images and documents online and have these data available for immediate consultation with experts has significantly improved the opportunities for diagnosis and treatment in mobile medicine.

ORCA (OR Technology Cloud Archiving) is a software solution designed to make everyday tasks for mobile X-ray service providers easier, cheaper and more efficient. ORCA archives medical images and documents on its remote servers using highest security standards. At the same time, ORCA is an online platform for sharing images and medical findings with doctors and other authorised persons. The service is scalable, allowing adjustments in storage space as demand grows.

ORCA Archive transfers and stores image files from direct sources (e.g. digital X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound machines) as well as from Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) in a cloud-based archive. ORCA Archive can also be used as a backup solution. Wherever the internet is accessible, images archived in the cloud can be viewed at maximal resolution and quality (DICOM) via the integrated, browser-based ORCA View program and our analysis software dicomPACS®. If a different PACS is in use, images from ORCA can be downloaded to the desktop for local viewing.

Archiving of medical images in in the DICOM cloud



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DICOM Cloud | Archiving of medical images - transfers and stores



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Benefits and Features of cloud solution ORCA

Fast access

Register on and begin working with ORCA immediately.

No expensive equipment

ORCA provides access to remote servers and software solutions. There is no need for an office filled with expensive equipment. Billing is usage-based (flat rate or pay-per-use).

Excellent scalability

System memory can be expanded as your demand for ORCA services grows.

24/7 access

Images and documents are accessible at any time from all mobile and stationary devices with an internet connection.


The user-friendly interface is self-explanatory. Support is available online.

No more service contracts

ORCA is automatically updated and serviced without extra charges.

Data security

ORCA guarantees automatic data backups and high security standards. Data loss as a result of malware or hardware failure is a thing of the past.


Excellent accessibility is ORCA‘s top priority.

Fit for the future

ORCA Archives all data in modern computing centres. Server technology is regularly updated.


ORCA is also a communication platform. Sharing images and documents with doctors and other authorised persons is a breeze.

Optimal workflow

ORCA's many special functions and settings make workflow customisation easy.

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Image viewing and image processing with ORCA View

Also included in the ORCA package is ORCA View, a cross-platform program for all browsers and mobile devices. Using ORCA View, images can not only be viewed, but also processed and analysed using various measurement tools. The program also provides diverse templates for generating findings reports. ORCA View is web-based and requires no local software installation.

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Selected functions: ORCA View

  • Image annotation in various colours (e.g., arrow, text)
  • Measurement (e.g., length, angle)
  • Findings reports including custom report templates
  • File attachment
  • Image comparison using different grids
  • Image rotation and mirroring 
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Image inversion, zooming in/out
  • Full screen and fit image modes
  • Image panning
  • Image series scrolling
  • Cine loop for multi-frame series and MRI/CT
  • Document and image export
  • Document and image printing 
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  • Product brochure ORCA - The DICOM cloud for medical images and documents
    ORCA archives medical images and documents on its remote access servers using highest security standards and is an online platform for sharing medical images and findings with doctors and other authorised persons

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Selected ORCA functions: Workflow

  • Images and documents in DICOM format can be sent directly to ORCA from any PACS. Alternatively, files can be imported and archived via ORCA View.
  • DICOM images from any source (e.g., digital X-ray, CT, MRI or ultrasound machines) can be transferred directly to ORCA for archival storage.
  • Images can be viewed online via the in-house software ORCA View.
  • Images can be downloaded to a local PC from ORCA and imported into an existing PACS.
  • Direct access to ORCA database from our dicomPACS® Viewer (no need to download images)
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