Innovative digital image management - perfect for mobile applications

dicomPACS® is a sophisticated, high-tech image management solution ideally suited for stationary and mobile medical care. With dicomPACS®, all images generated by digital X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound devices, as well as diverse documents (e.g., doctors' letters, medical findings, medical history, faxes) are stored in a digital patient folder and readily accessible. Findings can easily be shared with specialists via e-mail and cloud services. 

Our carefully designed archive and backup solutions guarantee quick access to all data and high security standards (in keeping with the German Medical Devices Act). Furthermore,  the software can easily be integrated into all common information management systems. 

The dicomPACS® software acquires, processes, transfers and archives images and other documents. The program was designed, developed and tested in cooperation with practising doctors in order to provide a user-friendly tool for everyday medical care.




Professional digital image management

Modular design

  • Adaptable for use in all types of mobile X-ray serviced regardless of size
  • User friendly, well structured and highly usable
  • The user interface can be customized according to the demands of your medical speciality
  • Common functions can be assigned to hot keys for greater efficiency


Adaptable and individualized features

  • Special features for radiologists
  • Parallel processing (e.g., data input can continue while a CD is being burnt)
  • „Perfect memory“ - images retain all the previous markings and settings, including zoom and alignments
  • Several diagnostic reports can be prepared in parallel – numerous program windows can be opened simultaneously without loss of speed (depending on computer memory)



  • Easy integration into existing HIS or RIS (DICOM, HL7, BDT/GDT)
  • Storage of all images and documents exclusively according to international DICOM standards



Numerous tools, features and expansions are available:

  • Windowing, zoom and filter functions
  • Integrated web server
  • Operative reports
  • Special measurement functions
  • Surgical planning
  • Integration of dictation and speech recognition systems etc.


Cost and depreciation of dicomPACS®

  • Expansions and updates can easily be integrated into the modular design over many years
  • Very cost-effective – rapid depreciation possible
  • Remote maintenance service available
  • Product brochure dicomPACS® in radiology and hospital
    Digital X-ray and image management for the highest demands

  • Product brochure Digital X-ray with dicomPACS® in the modern medical practice
    High tech solution for intelligent image management

Picture Archiving and Communication System

dicomPACS® is a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) that performs many different, at times highly complex, tasks. It connects, controls and manages everything related to your images: from image acquisition and the compilation of diagnostic reports, to archiving and transferring image data. 

The program ensures that high quality images can be distributed and viewed quickly, and without complications (e.g., via a web server). The system is extremely flexible and adaptable to new applications.


  • Reference Röntgeninstitut Schlossgarten, Hamburg, Germany
    Dr. Andreas Bollkämper, radiologist at Röntgeninstitut Schlossgarten, Chairman of the Professional Association of German Radiologists in Hamburg: “In the company OR Technology we have now found a partner for digital image management whose dicomPACS® software solution meets all our demands of up to date, cost efficient operation, providing constant and excellent image quality. "

  • Reference Warnow-Klinik Buetzow
    Thomas Blum, the clinic's Managing Director: “The digital X-ray solution by OR Technology allows us to provide optimal service to our patients. This allows our doctors, for instance, to access the required images at the push of a button, to overlay and compare them and thus monitor the course of the healing process."

  • Reference Latvian hospital Jekabpils
    Dr Igors Malikovs and Dr Ivars Zvidris: "In addition, we save costs since we don't have to print out images any more. Our printing volume now amounts to only 10 % of what it was previously.“

  • Reference Stephan Grunert, Eichstädt, Germany
    "Our orthopaedic practice is highly satisfied with the implementation and and has come to appreciate the enormous benefits of digital X-ray and the fantastic voice recognition facility."

  • Reference Feldman Foot and Ankle Specialists Clinic in Calgary, Alberta Canada
    Dr. Ziv Feldmanis: "The advantages provided by the image management solution software for podiatric X-ray diagnosis is almost revolutionary. Angle measurements and special features including zoom and magnification can be done in a few seconds right in front of the patient."

  • Reference joint orthopedic practice Drs Radke, Klein, Noe, Kettler in Munich, Germany
    Dr Bernhard Klein: "The entire installation including training took just 2½ days and was done during normal working hours. Since its introduction in 1998 the system has operated without fault or interruption."

Prosthesis documentation

For surgical planning using the digital prosthesis templates provided by manufacturers

Report module

Facilitates generating medical reports (e.g., operative and ultrasound reports) and incorporates MS Word macros with integrated images, optional digital dictation system with speech recognition

Statistics module

Assists in the analysis of the entire database allowing user-defined parametres and custom statistical analyses

Video module

Records standard and non-standard video signals as single images and video sequences


A concurrent license model allows users to access images in DICOM quality via an internet browser on any PC including tablets and Ultrabooks 

Processing of CT and MRT series

dicomPACS® includes professional tools, such as MPR and MIP, to evaluate cross sectional images

Hanging protocols

The placement of images and cases on the monitor can be freely configured

Mammography diagnosis

Special features including MammoGrid and 100% magnification

Speech recognition systems

Several different digital dictation and speech recognition systems can be integrated to facilitate generating medical reports


Images and reports can be shared directly or transferred via our cloud solution ORCA®

Distributed archives

Multiple archives hosted on distributed hardware platforms designed for the requirements of different groups of clinics and medical centres


Further optional modules and add-ons

PACS MobileView

dicomPACS®MobileView the web-based viewer for mobile devices
The web-based viewer contains all the basic functions for viewing images. You can view images virtually with any browser on mobile devices. dicomPACS®MobileView offers doctors and nursing staff a previously unknown degree of mobile freedom in the workplace inside and outside of hospitals or practices, with the radiological image material available from anywhere.


ORCA - storage of medical data (images and documents) as well as sharing via the internet 
 (OR Technology Cloud Archiving) is a cloud-based platform specially designed for storing, viewing and sharing medical images and documents. ORCA® offers two exciting applications: ORCA Archive and ORCA Share.



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