Mobile, digital X-ray machine for health service providers such as medical doctors and first aid workers in field situations

The mobile X-ray machine Amadeo M-DR mini was specifically developed for mobile health service providers such as medical doctors and first aid workers in field situations, during home care and in old age homes, as well as for medically oriented aid organisations and mobile radiologies. The Amadeo M-DR mini can easily be transported due to its low overall weight and compact build. This complete package allows you to reach remote locations easily and to provide health care services quickly and reliably once there. 

The mobile X-ray system includes all necessary components such as X-ray detector (flat panel), X-ray generator and image processing workstation. The latter is delivered with our globally proven radiology software package (acquisition and diagnostic) that includes a convenient X-ray positioning guide for fine adjustments. The software provides many additional functions such as chiro tools, calculation of Cobb's angle, pelvic obliquity measurements, integrated findings recording as well as the possibility of diagnosis supported by an automatic, AI-assisted thorax screening (by a qualified third-party provider).

The advanced design of the Amadeo M-DR mini series is characterised by a sophisticated reduction to essential components and functional operating elements. The mobile, digital X-ray unit Amadeo M-DR mini is ideal for examinations directly at the patient's bedside or for use outdoors. Due to its compact, space-saving design, it is not only possible to x-ray extremities but also all body trunk images, including thorax, spine, abdomen and pelvis.

The lightweight radiology workstation can easily be pulled over steps, swivelled in all directions (a huge advantage in confined spaces and elevators) and does not tip over on uneven ground. Its large and sturdy wheels permit effortless movement.

In addition to the international certification standards (ISO, CE, FDA, MDSAP, HSA, etc.), the system is registered with NATO code CJ168 and PIN no. 6525-01400.



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Wireless, mobile X-ray machine Amadeo M DR mini - a lightweight and portable solution



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One version of the mobile Amadeo M-DR mini system is available:

Amadeo M-DR mini:

Mobile X-ray machine with wireless DR detector

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Features & Benefits of the Amadeo M-DR mini

Lightweight, mobile and ultimately versatile

The Amadeo M-DR mini is one of the most lightweight mobile wireless X-ray machine available worldwide. The sturdy system has an integrated DR X-ray detector and is designed for use in diverse conditions. The mobile X-ray machine is the best choice for X-raying whenever lightweight equipment is a must.

Benefit: Versatile and portable

Resumption of workflow after brief power outage or relocation

You are familiar with the problem: When a conventional X-ray machine is relocated (e.g., to another room in an ICU) or there is a brief power outage, the system has to be switched on again to resume work. This costs valuable time and patience.

Not so with the Amadeo M-DR mini. Thanks to integrated batteries, the system is able to bridge power outages lasting several minutes. In the case of a brief power outage, you can simply continue working and take up to three additional X-ray images. This is an immeasurable advantage wherever a continuous power supply cannot be guaranteed, e.g., in disaster areas.

If the X-ray system has to be relocated frequently during use, as is often the case in an ICU, it is no longer necessary to shut down the system before cutting the power supply. Just pull the plug, relocate, and plug the system back in. Time consuming reboots are a thing of the past.

The batteries ensure that all electronic components remain ready for use for several hours. Should it be necessary to take X-ray images outside the reach of a wall socket, e.g., in the home care sector, simply plug in the X-ray machine for approx. 60 seconds in advance. Afterwards, images such as thorax control X-rays can be taken while the patient is lying down.

Benefit: No delays after relocation and independence of reliable power supply


Our high-performance, mobile X-ray system provides the complete array of diagnostic radiology tools available in human medicine today.

Benefit: Mobile X-ray imaging from head to toe, including thorax and abdomen

Advanced industrial design

The innovative and lightweight construction „Made in Germany“ combines excellent stability, mechanical sturdiness and low weight. Its sophisticated design makes the system easy to clean. The laptop and X-ray unit are stored in splash-proof compartments. All electronic components are sealed to ensure safe transport, and, where possible, cables are routed internally. The height of the tube head can easily be adjusted and freely rotated.

Benefit: A functional and minimalistic design gives rise to a lightweight unit

Easy handling and shipping

Our advanced mobile X-ray machine Amadeo M-DR mini is easy to transport and fits into standard hatchback cars. The system can readily be pulled over steps, swivelled in all directions (a huge advantage in confined spaces and elevators) and does not tip over on uneven ground. Its large and sturdy wheels permit effortless movement in all terrain.

The integrated block brakes ensure safe working conditions. The entire system can be set up and ready for use in less than two minutes.

Benefit: Easy to transport and quickly deployable in an emergency

Safe working environment

Due to excellent lead shielding, the radiation leakage from the housing of the Amadeo M-DR mini is minimal. During the X-ray process, the control area is less than 1.5 m*.

Benefit: Outside of the small control area, no further radiation protection measures are required


The Amadeo M-DR mini X-ray system functions reliably under extreme climatic conditions such as high humidity and large temperature fluctuations. For this reason, the products from this series are preferred by first aid services, military corps, research ships and offshore platforms etc.

Benefit: Professional performance under extreme climatic conditions

Short cycle time

Despite its small size, the high-frequency generator of the Amadeo M-DR mini has a high power output. At full load, the system produces up to six images per minute – a top performance rate for such units*.

Benefit: Short exposure times result in high throughput

*depending on the X-ray tube

Remote controlled

You can use a portable terminal, such as your smartphone, via a special app as a remote control to plan and view images. Attached to your arm or the X-ray generator, it also serves as a control element allowing the user to gain a first impression of the images taken without having to move to the actual console workstation (tablet PC). You can find more information about the Remote Control app here.


The professional dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition software sports an intuitive and modern graphical user interface. All examinations are conducted comfortably at a single monitor. The possibility of diagnosis supported by an automatic, AI-assisted thorax screening (by a qualified third-party provider) is also included in the software (optional).

Benefit: Straightforward handling even for unspecialised staff

NATO Stock Number


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Acquisition and diagnostic software for radiographic images

DXR PACS Software for radiological examination at the bedside with a movable DR unit

At the heart of each Amadeo system is the dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition and diagnostic software with the integrated X-ray positioning guide developed by OR Technology. 

The software controls X-ray generators and X-ray units of various manufacturers, providing a smooth and structured workflow. A simple and user friendly GUI (graphical user interface), operated by touchscreen or mouse, completes the system.

The professional dicomPACS®DX-R image processing can be adapted to individual user needs and offers outstanding image quality in human and veterinary medicine. It has been specially developed to enable organ specific viewing quality optimisation, guaranteeing the highest quality of X-ray images.

[more information about the software]


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Our mobile X-ray systems "Made in Germany

Our lightweight, mobile Amadeo M-DR mini X-ray system is an in-house development by OR Technology and is manufactured entirely in Germany. In our production hall at the Rostock location, the final assembly as well as the quality inspection is carried out by our dedicated employees. This is the only way we can guarantee the best product quality for you. Software and product development also take place in-house at OR Technology, because current developments show that we have to think in terms of manageable cycles. You benefit from an independent supplier who provides you with everything from a single source, ensures service and support for the entire life of the X-ray systems and guarantees manageable delivery times.

Our highly qualified employees from the production department during the final assembly of the Amadeo M-DR mini complete solutions:

Production of the Amadeo M mini in RostockProduction of the Amadeo M mini in RostockAmadeo M mini mobile X-ray system - Made in Germany
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Detectors for Amadeo M-DR mini systems

Various detectors for digital X-ray

Here you can find a list of the available X-ray detectors. Different types and sizes of X-ray detectors allow an individual configuration of the system.

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  • Product information Amadeo M-DR mini X-ray machine
    The mobile and digital X-ray machine for first aid services, intensive care units, emergency departments, home health care, as well as ships and mobile hospitals (e.g. container solutions)

  • Product information plastic transport box for Amadeo M-DR mini X-ray system
    The plastic transport box offers optimal protection for transporting the Amadeo M-DR mini. Loading the system into the box is easy thanks to the integrated ramp; there is no need to lift the system at all.

  • Product information protection box for 14x17 inch detector
    This protection box protects 14x17 inch wireless X-ray detectors from external shocks and strong vibrations. The housing contains several protective layers to absorb shocks and increase the load capacity.

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Optional add-ons

PACS MobileView

dicomPACS®MobileView – the web-based viewer for mobile devices
The web-based viewer contains all the basic functions for viewing images. You can view images virtually with any browser on mobile devices. dicomPACS®MobileView offers doctors and nursing staff a previously unknown degree of mobile freedom in the workplace inside and outside of hospitals or practices, with the radiological image material available from anywhere.


ORCA – storage of medical data (images and documents) as well as sharing via the internet
ORCA® (OR Technology Cloud Archiving) is a cloud-based platform specially designed for storing, viewing and sharing medical images and documents. ORCA offers two exciting applications: ORCA Archive and ORCA Share.

PACS Software

dicomPACS® – the sophisticated and high-tech image management solution
With dicomPACS® all images generated by digital X-ray, CT, MRI and ultrasound devices, as well as diverse documents (e.g. doctor's letters, medical findings, medical history, faxes) are stored in a digital patient folder and readily accessible. 

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  • Amadeo reference – Amadeo M-DR mini in use at "Mobile Medical Diagnostics" in Dublin
    Managing director Mary Jones: “We use all PACS functions including archive. I like the simple wipe down design, protective storage for laptop and detector plate. Wheels allow easy 360 degree turn, stabilising wheels are also very functional. It is good value and image quality is excellent with very low radiation emissions.“

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Technical details for Amadeo M-DR mini (standard configuration)

Components of the mobile X-ray unit
  • Dimensions: 56.5 x 136.5 cm; extending to 124.6 x 195.5 cm
  • Weight: depending on the configuration
  • Advanced industrial design
  • Designed and made in Germany
  • Compartments for notebook and X-ray detector
  • Very lightweight, sturdy and robust
  • Can easily be pulled over stairs
  • High tipover stability in uneven terrain
  • Maximum height: approx. 187 cm above the floor with X-ray tube extending 55 cm
  • Meets strictest hospital hygiene requirements
High-frequency generator Amadeo P-110/100H
  • 5 kW, 110 kV / 100 mA
  • Modern LED light
  • High-performance capacitor for stable and reliable power supply
  • Remote control by hand panel
  • Compensation of power fluctuations ensures constant X-ray output
Direct radiography detector 14" x 17" wireless
  • Wireless X-ray imaging
  • Fits into existing X-ray system without modifications (in place of X-ray film cassettes)
  • Fast charging, long life batteries
Laptop with dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition console

Professional console software with modern graphical user interface, integrated X-ray positioning guide and the following modules:

  • dicomPACS®DX-R DICOM Send SCU
  • dicomPACS®DX-R DICOM Patient CD
  • dicomPACS®DX-R Cognition Optimised Processing

Optional components for Amadeo M-DR mini systems

High-frequency generator QP 400
  • Efficient high-frequency technology
  • Short exposure times, reduced radiation exposure
  • Monoblock X-ray unit in an aluminium casing
  • Laser diodes for more precise positioning etc.
High-frequency generator P-100/35HB
  • Max. power requirement 2,4 kW, kV range in 1 kV steps: 40 to 100 kV
  • mAs range 0.4–100 mAs, Focus 1.2 x 1.2 mm
  • Power rating130–260 V (automatic power adjustment)
  • Dimensions: 250 x 214 x 349 mm; Weight: 14.2 kg (including battery)
DAP meter

Dose area product meter available

Transport case

Plastic transport box or multiplex wood transport box

Portable patient table, including carrying case
  • Table can be folded up or disassembled to save space during transport
  • Easy assembly in just a few minutes
Portable wall stand, including carrying case
  • Stand can be folded up or disassembled to save space during transport.
  • Easy assembly in just a few minutes
Mobile Z-Table for patient positioning
  • Floating table top
  • Without height adjustment
VersariX portable detector mounting system
  • Height-adjustable, suitable for X-raying standing and sitting patients
  • The X-ray detector in its protective case can be safely attached to the mounting system.
  • The detector mounting system can be stored in the Leonardo carrying case (optional)
Mobile stand for DR detectors and cassettes
  • Quick and precise positioning of detectors and cassettes
  • Large wheels, low centre of gravity
Wireless remote control

Possibility of wireless control of the digital X-ray system with the app "dicomPACS®DX-R remote control" via smartphone or tablet incl. display of the worklist, preview of the captured image to check the shot etc. - a shot can be rescheduled directly in the app

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