VersariX® - the portable mounting system for X-ray detectors

Are mobility and flexibility important for your work? If yes, the lightweight and easy-to-use VersariX® detector holder (400 g) is the right choice for you. The mounting system, designed in-house at OR Technology, can be attached to nearly all types of doors. The powder-coated mounts can also be fastened to hooks, screws, tree branches and other sturdy structures. The detector is attached to a specialized hook that allows virtually stepless height adjustment. With this system, professional and highly specialized X-ray images can be taken even in confined spaces.



Features & Benefits of mounting system for X-ray detectors

Fields of application:



Only 400 g

Shipping dimensions:

20 x 15 x 8 cm


Ideal for X-ray examinations in sitting and standing position


Easy to clean (disinfectant safe) 

Made in Germany:

Designed by Oehm and Rehbein


Three mounting options 

Universal mounting system for flexible use

VersariX® functions with all flat panel X-ray detector models, regardless of protective casing and handles, and can be attached to nearly all types of doors using sturdy polypropylene straps. The powder-coated mounts can also be attached to hooks, screws, tree branches and other sturdy structures. The height of the detector can easily be adjusted before or after installation.

1.     Door mount with straps (door can be closed after straps have been attached)

2.     Wall mount using existing hooks and screws

3.     Cabinet door mount with bracket (included)

  • Product information VersariX® - the portable mounting system for X-ray detectors
    VersariX® is THE portable flat panel detector mounting system for X-ray examinations conducted in unusual places such as private residences, old-age homes, medical tents or ships etc.

  • Brochure Digital X-ray for mobile and inpatient medical facilities
    Portfolio for military emergency medical services: Mobile digital all-in-one system for your medical faciIity or field hospital, portable digital systems as an upgrade kit for already existing mobile or stationary X-ray equipment, stationary digital X-ray complete system

Technical specifications


Specialized straps made of Kevlar reinforced  Neopren, powder-coated stainless steel/aluminium, sturdy polypropylene straps

Range of height-adjustable detector

> 150 cm

Max. tensile load of specialized hook

10 kg

Operating temperature

- 10° C to +45° C

Dimensions of transport bag

Approx. 20 x 15 x 8 cm

Shipping box dimensions

Approx. 22 x 16 x 10 cm

For transport to examinations, you can choose between a sturdy box and a space-saving bag (included)


2 years

Subject to technical modifications

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