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Trolley stands and other accessories for digital X-ray imaging on board

The variety of patient sizes poses a major challenge for manufacturers of X-ray technology and accessories. Trolley stands and casette holder must be adapted to their patients. A range of trolley stands and cassette holders can be found here. The change from analogue X-ray technology to computer aided radiography means that you enjoy all the benefits of this technology, improved image communication and an environmentally friendly X-ray system with the lowest possible radiation load.

A great number of systems are available for various applications. 



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We offer a wide selection of X-ray accessories including:

•  Collapsible trolley stands for portable X-ray units; assembly in less than 10 seconds

•  Collapsible trolley stands for X-ray detectors (DR) and CR systems; assembly just a few seconds 

•  Articulating arms for mounting portable X-ray units on walls or ceilings

•  Diverse stands for cassette holders, medical trolleys and other accessories

For further information, please contact us at info@or-technology.com



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Our mobile and portable X-ray equipment in operation



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