Success stories about customers with future-oriented solutions

OR Technology has been active as a manufacturer and software developer in the field of digital X-ray technology and image management since 1991. The in-house solutions are already being used successfully in over 140 countries (as of 1/2023).

Every customer is different, every solution individual and every order a pleasant challenge that we are happy to take on. All our projects are flexible, forward-looking and quality-conscious with entrepreneurial foresight.


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References human medicine

Amadeo Z in der Orthopädie am Tauentzien, Frank Mathias Meinikheim & Dr. med. Matthias Reiche, Berlin

Leonardo DR mini II for the mobile X-ray service in Trinidad & Tobago 
The company "Gulf Coast Radiology Limited Diagnostics" is a service for radiological imaging. The company has offered mobile X-ray services for both hospitals and home care since early 2019. Due to the light, portable X-ray solution Leonardo DR mini II, examinations can now be performed directly at the patient's location. This means that the equipment is brought to the patient and not the patient to the hospital. "With its sophisticated design, usability and functions for teleradiology, the portable X-ray case convinced me immediately." more...


Amadeo Z at TAUENTZIEN ORTHOPAEDICS, Frank Mathias Meinikheim and Dr Matthias Reiche, Berlin, Germany 
The fully motorised, all-purpose unit is ideal for taking X-rays of the entire skeleton. Spinal and whole leg images are also a breeze. „I particularly appreciate image stitching, also called whole leg images“, states Dr Meinikheim, „The patient remains standing during the X-ray process and it is possible to assess limb alignment. This is rarely done these days.“ more...

Amadeo R-DR in the Orthopedic Group Practice

Amadeo R-DR in the Orthopedic Group Practice on Ludwigsplatz, Karlsruhe in Germany, Germany
One of practice's physicians, Dr Marcus Trauschel: "We were convinced not only by the Amadeo R-DR's excellent image quality and simple handling using the console software dicomPACS®DX-R, but also by the first-rate service support we had experienced during our many years with OR Technology. The new system is fitted with two hard-wired and one wireless detector with very high resolution, guaranteed to produce large volumes of data." more...

Amadeo S-DR in the Rückenzentrum Berlin

Amadeo S-DR in the „Rückenzentrum Berlin“, neurosurgery and spinal surgery, Professor Dr Christian Woiciechowsky, Berlin, Germany
Since Professor Woiciechowsky not only works in his practice but also in hospital, he appreciates the uncomplicated availability of the images: “For me, mobile accessibility of images is important, i.e. when I am in hospital I can access the PACS server via a VPN line to view or download images.” As far as repairs are concerned, Professor Woiciechowsky is content: ”I am very happy with the remote maintenance and support provided. Any queries and problems are addressed and solved promptly.” more...

Amadeo S-DR in the Orthopädie am Klingenberg

Amadeo S-DR in the „Orthopädie am Klingenberg“, Dr Marc-Reimer Vogelsang, orthopaedic specialist and trauma surgery in Lübeck, Germany
„There were several aspects in favour of a U-arm system” Dr Vogelsang says in hindsight. “Since we don't need a bucky table and a wall stand, space-saving installation was possible. In addition, the system is very easy to operate and very flexible for the most diverse exposure options. ... The work processes 
have now been considerably shortened by means of the DR system, which also frees up our X-ray assistant for other tasks.“ more...

Amadeo S-DR in the surgery and trauma surgery practice

Amadeo S-DR in the surgery and trauma surgery practice Dr Claus Lang, Oehringen, Germany  
„Compared to analog X-ray imaging, workflow is now better and faster and I have the option of making copies quickly. Moreover, archiving has provided a solution to the space problem. The entire imaging workflow has become much easier and at the same time much faster. The software has made diagnostic evaluation and archiving of images easy and unproblematic.” more...

Amadeo S-DR in the Jecson Medical Center

Amadeo S-DR in the Jecson Medical Center in Tarlac City, Dr Jose Y. Chua, Jr., Philippines
„The expectations we had of the new system with regard to efficiency and improved image quality have been met entirely. In my opinion, a major advantage, compared to CR technology, is the improved workflow and the reduced maintenance requirements of the system. The downtime due to maintenance work on the system is minimal.“ more...

Reference Medici Klinikum Fulda MVZ Bernhard Hering

Medici DR System in the Radiology Centre of the Fulda Clinic, Germany
„"The great advantage of the retrofit sets is the possibility of bringing analogue X-ray equipment into the digital X-ray age far more effectively than with imaging plates. There are many notable advantages. The images are immediately available and can be shared throughout the hospital and the MVZ. The dose values of the images instantly can be analysed and archived in the dose management system. The decisive factors for purchasing the Medici retrofitDR set were the quality, the formats of the detectors, the functionality and usability of the software and - last but not least - the price.“   more...

Medici DR-System in the Orthopaedic Practice

Medici DR-System in the Orthopaedic Practice, Dr Torsten Jäschke in Bad Doberan, Germany
"The benefits are obvious: Workflow is now streamlined. Compared to conventional image development, we have considerably reduced the time required to display the image as the X-ray images are transferred and saved digitally. We do not have to find X-ray films in our filing cabinets and carry them around the practice any more. Image quality is really optimal and in general no subsequent processing is required.“ more...

Digital image management solutions in the Röntgeninstitut Schloßgarten

Digital image management solutions in the Röntgeninstitut Schloßgarten, Dr med. Andreas Bollkämper, specialist in Diagnostic Radiology, Hamburg, Germany
"In the medium sized company OR Technology we have now found a partner for digital image management whose dicomPACS® software solution meets all our demands of up to date, cost efficient operation, providing constant and excellent image quality. ... Another important criterion that influenced our decision is the constant and competent support offered by OR Technology in case of queries or problems experienced by staff members. The software is being continuously and successfully expanded, including a wide variety of new functions. … We would choose OR Technology again any time." more...

Digital image management solution in the Warnow-Klinik Bützow

Digital image management solution in the Warnow-Klinik Bützow, Dept. Orthopaedics & Trauma Surgery, Thomas Blum, CEO of Warnow-Klinik, Germany
„The dicomPACS® digital X-ray solution by OR Technology allows us to provide optimal service to our patients. In our X-ray department, the image processing system is suitable for stationary use, and in the operating theatre and ICU we use it together with our mobile X-ray system. The new technology allows us to work with minimum radiation doses, to obtain high resolution images within a few seconds and to create optimal diagnostic evaluations at short notice thanks to the numerous functions of dicomPACS®." more...

Image management software dicom PACS ®

Image management software dicomPACS® in the Feldman Foot and Ankle Specialists Clinic in Calgary, Dr Ziv Feldman, Alberta Canada 
"Apart from the general  benefits of digital radiography such as lower exposure to radiation, faster examination process and optimum image quality with best possible diagnostic relevance, OR Technology's acquisition and diagnostic software is impressive, boasting precise diagnostic tools for cases of bunions, hammertoes, nail problems and diabetes." more...

Image management software dicom PACS ®

Upper Cervical (NUCCA) and Standard Chiropractic Tools, Dr Jeffrey N. Scholten, Vital PostureTM Clinic in Calgary, Canada 
Doctor Jeff Scholten is a great advocate of the NUCCA software development and works with dicomPACS® Upper Cervical Chiropractic Tools. What also impressed him was that dicomPACS® could be updated to a full analysis tool for ALL diagnostic imaging needs even MRl or CT images. “The software's system is modular and so much more than just “another analysis tool”. It supports my workflow and makes it easier.” more...

Innovative digital Image management software dicom PACS ®

Innovative digital image management solution dicomPACS® in the Hospital Jekabpils, Dr Igors Malikovs and Dr Ivars Zvidris, Latvia  
"The greatest benefit for us is the DICOM worklist integrated in the PACS and RIS. Now imaging requests can be sent from all of our three reception desks to the respective diagnostic unit – fast and easily, avoiding many mistakes that used to happen in the past. In addition, we save costs since we don't have to print out images any more. Our printing volume now amounts to only 10 % of what it was previously." more...

Innovative digital image management solution in the orthopaedic practice in Eichstädt, Germany, Dr Stephan Grunert, Germany

Innovative digital image management solution in the orthopaedic practice in Eichstädt, Germany, Dr Stephan Grunert, Germany
"Thanks to the competent and professional advice given and the installation of all systems by OR Technology from Rostock (Germany), there were no problems during or after the installation in the practice. ... Our orthopaedic practice is highly satisfied with the implementation and and has come to appreciate the enormous benefits of digital X-ray and the fantastic voice recognition facility.” more...

Innovative digital image management solution in the joint orthopedic practice Drs Radke, Klein, Noe, Kettler in Munich, Germany

Innovative digital image management solution in the joint orthopedic practice Drs Radke, Klein, Noe, Kettler in Munich, Germany
"After a thorough comparison of various systems, our practice decided in October 1998 to introduce the PACS system by OR Technology, with digital X-ray and complete digital diagnostics incl. documentation. The entire installation including training took just 2½ days and was done during normal working hours.” more...

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References from the maritime economy

By having a portable, digital Leonardo DR mini X-ray system on board, Hurtigrouten ASA  guarantees both passengers and crew the best possible radiological testing.

Leonardo DR mini on the MS Midnatsol, Norwegian transport company Hurtigruten ASA
By having a portable, digital Leonardo DR mini X-ray system on board, Hurtigrouten ASA  guarantees both passengers and crew the best possible radiological testing. The compact DR X-ray system quickly produces high-quality images that can be shared with trusted experts on land. The system allows the ship's medical staff to make accurate diagnoses and decide on treatments in emergency situations. more...

Amadeo M-AX in the board hospital of the cruise ship MSC Preziosa of the cruise company MSC

Amadeo M-AX in the board hospital of the cruise ship MSC Preziosa of the cruise company MSC 
Francesca Russo from MSC Cruises medical service: "We are using the system to provide both passengers and crew members with the best medical X-ray service in case of emergency. As the system is easy to operate and comes with integrated acquisition and diagnostic evaluation software by OR Technology, even staff members with limited radiological training can easily create optimal X-ray images." more...

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OR X-ray systems for aid organisations/NGOs and in the homecare sector

Amadeo M mini in use at Mobile Medical Diagnostics in Dublin – a service for mobile X-rays in nursing homes

Amadeo M mini in use at "Mobile Medical Diagnostics" in Dublin – a service for mobile X-rays in nursing homes
The company "Mobile Medical Diagnostics", mobile X-ray for nursing homes, is the first of its kind in Ireland. Patients no longer have to make an exhausting journey to X-ray. The X-ray machine is brought to the patient. Managing director Mary Jones: “We use all PACS functions including archive. I like the simple wipe down design, protective storage for laptop and detector plate. Wheels allow easy 360 degree turn, stabilising wheels are also very functional. It is good value and image quality is excellent with very low radiation emissions.“ more...

Digital X-ray system Amadeo M-DRw on humanitarian mission in the Congo

Digital X-ray system Amadeo M-DRw on humanitarian mission in the Congo
In Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of the Congo, people can receive medical care in a mobile hospital since the beginning of 2015. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical systems. For X-ray examinations the digital OR Technology complete solution Amadeo M-DRw is used. more...

Mobile solution Amadeo M-DR for three refugee camps in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Mobile solution Amadeo M-DR for three refugee camps in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany
OR Technology made portable X-ray equipment available to three refugee camps in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. According to the Ministry of Employment, Gender Equality and Social Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior and Sports each camp was provided with a fully digital complete X-ray system to reduce the workload of the medical personnel at the Rostock University Medical Center and the Helios Clinic in Schwerin, Germany. more...

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References from veterinary medicine

Amadeo V mini - Reference Kammermaier

Direct digital X-ray with Amadeo V mini II in the veterinary practice Kammermaier in Laberweinting, Germany
„Since August, it has been a pleasure for me to take an X-ray every day. I am particularly happy with the outstanding image quality and the simple operation. It's really fast now and even the staff who does not work with it every day can do it. The images need to be post-processed rarely. The X-ray image is available shortly after it is taken.“ more...

Amadeo V-DR in the specialist veterinary practice Dr Fischer-Wackes and Dr Wackes

Amadeo V-DR in the specialised joint veterinary practice of Dr Beate Fischer-Wackes, general veterinarian, and D. Jörg Wackes, veterinarian specialist for pets and small animals in Gundelfingen, Germany
„Before we purchased the new X-ray system we made enquiries amongst our colleagues, a number of whom recommended solutions by OR Technology”, says Dr Wackes. “Our previous X-ray system was conventional. Using direct digital X-ray imaging with a detector made our workflow significantly faster.“ more...

Complete X-ray system Amadeo V-DR at the Hamburg Competence Centre for Small Animal Medicine, Dr. med. vet. Valeska Furck

Amadeo V-DR X-ray system at Hamburg's Kompetenzzentrum Kleintiermedizin veterinary clinic, Dr Valeska Furck, Germany
"We are particularly thrilled by the improvements in the workflow for image creation. X-ray images are available for viewing and diagnosis within seconds. No time is lost developing and scanning films. ... As a referral practice, we benefit greatly from being able to send images to colleagues and pet owners directly from the PACS and via the internet.“  more...

Medici DR system in the veterinary group practice Dipl. vet. med. Barbara Richter and Dr. med. vet. Tido Winkler

Medici DR system and dicomPACS®vet in a joint practice for veterinary care in Rostock, Germany, Dr Barbara Richter und Dr Tido Winkler, Rostock, Germany
„In addition to significant improvements in workflow and X-ray image quality, we are impressed by the compatibility of the Medici and dicomPACS®vet systems with our practice management software Easyvet,“ says Dr Tido Winkler. Digital X-ray images are directly transferred to the image management system (PACS). For example, I can call up the medical record of a patient in Easyvet and at the same time view and edit digital X-ray images in the dicomPACS®vet system.“ more...

Medici DR system at the Dierenziekenhuis veterinary clinic

Medici DR system in veterinary practice Dierenziekenhuis in Haarlem, Kevin van Gaalen, veterinarian/practice manager, Netherlands 
„The Medici DR system is from our point of view a very professional X-ray solution, which helps us in our daily work to achieve clear findings in order to decide on subsequent treatments. With the digital upgrade kit we managed to immediately take complex X-rays and we are simply thrilled by the images, the user-friendliness of the system and the possibility to generate very quickly high quality X-ray images.“ more...

Medici DR system at the Central Nova Animal Hospital

Medici DR-System in the Central Nova Animal Hospital Ltd., small animal clinic in Truro, Dr Penny Richards, Canada
„The user-friendliness of the system with its intuitive operation, the very high quality X-ray images and the compatibility with our practice management system Impromed Infinity, were ultimately determining factors for the purchase. In addition, the measuring function TTA with the selection of different templates convinced us completely. This tool helps us enormously in planning our TTA treatments for which we are very well known in this region.“ more...

Medici DR-System at the veterinary clinic

Medici DR-System in the veterinary clinic "Tierklinik Elversberg", Dr Alexander Pack and Dr Karl Scherer, Germany
„The intuitive operation via the touch screen monitor had us convinced straightaway. We can use it to control the entire X-ray system. The functions are laid out very clearly and are easy to operate. Another point in favour was the simple transmission of X-ray images to colleagues via e-mail. In addition, the system offers good value for money which had been a decisive factor from the start.“ more...

Medici DR-System im Labor der Universität für Biowissenschaften in Lublin

Medici DR system in the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Dr Renata Komsta, head veterinarian at the Laboratory for Radiology and Sonography, Poland
„Compared to analog technology, the new digital Medici system reduces the image acquisition time considerably. We are most content with the intuitive use of the dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition software. Planning and implementing an X-ray examination is very easy. In addition, the anatomy-based software facilitates the selection of the correct exposure parameters which can be adjusted with a few clicks, if required.“ more...

Leonardo DR mini at the equine clinic Bieberstein

Leonardo DR nano veterinary practice Markus Wirth, Achterwehr Germany
Vet Markus Wirth: "The X-ray backpack is in use regularly and enables both fast procedures and uncomplicated work. The workflow has improved significantly. The images are available in seconds and can be examined in three different treatment rooms and at 6 further workstations. The image quality is constantly very good. ..." more...

Leonardo DR mini at the equine clinic Bieberstein

Leonardo DR mini in the equine clinic Bieberstein, Dr. Stefan von Bieberstein, Cham, Germany
Horse clinic Bieberstein, headed by Dr. Stefan von Bieberstein, has been caring for sick horses for 17 years: „The portable solution provides everything my colleagues and I need for a faultless and fast workflow. The wireless detector has done away with irritating cables, the suitcase is light and practical and consists of a minimum of parts.“ more...

Leonardo DR mini at Dr Lutz, veterinarian specialising in equine medicine and surgery

Leonardo DR mini at Dr Lutz, veterinarian specialising in equine medicine and surgery, Aschheim, Germany
„The portable Leonardo DRw mini digital X-ray suitcase by OR Technology has become an indispensable companion for my daily work.“ In his capacity as a publicly appointed horse valuation expert, Dr Lutz performs pre-purchase examinations on a regular basis. He confirms that horse owners appreciate receiving a patient CD created by dicomPACS®DX-R once the examination is concluded. Even while the CD is being burned, the aquisiton and diagnostic evaluation software continues to operate without any problems. more...

dicom PACS ® vet

Digital X-ray imaging with dicomPACS®vet  at the surgical and gynaecological clinic for small animals at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany
Apart from the numerous beneficial functions of dicomPACS®vet, another criterion supporting Prof. Dr. med. vet. Andrea Meyer-Lindenberg's decision to purchase the image management system, is the fact that queries, suggestions and problems are always dealt with promptly and competently by the OR Technology team. more...

dicom PACS ® vet

dicomPACS®vet in the Equine Clinic Burg Müggenhausen, Dr Thomas Weinberger, Weilerswist, Germany
„Overall, we wish to repeat that we are very happy with the investment and the changeover. The software provides the option, by means of a report module, to produce reports on individual images in MS Word and to store these reports directly in the patient file. The reports can be prepared and compiled in accordance with our specific requirements. This resulted in a marked improvement of our internal and external documentation." more...



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Digital X-ray system in the field of Materials Testing and Quality Inspection [NDT]

Pearl X-ray with the Medici DR digital X-ray system in the laboratories of Gübelin Gem Lab Ltd.

X-ray imaging of pearls with Medici DR system in Gübelin Gem Lab Ltd. Luzern in Switzerland and Hong Kong
Dr. Stefanos Karampelas: “The systems designed for us by OR Technology are predominantly used to differentiate between cultured and artificial pearls. After trying for five years to find a solution to change from film to digital x-ray imaging of pearls, we found OR Technology who developed a system for Gübelin Gem Labs that is optimally suited to our requirements."  more...

Digital X-ray systems in use in materials and quality testing NDT

Medici DR system at the Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock - Saving an Icon of Classical Modernism 
2015: The finest hairline cracks on the neck of a torso in the Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock have worried the art historian, Dr. Susanne Fiedler, and the restorer, Brigitte Reichel, for some time. The expressive relic of a sculpture by the German artist Wilhelm Lehmbruck (1881 - 1919) is a stone casting. Nobody could tell if there was a reinforcement, a steel reinforcement, inside. Even the slightest vibrations and movements could cause the head to break off. The work of art was X-rayed on site with the aid of a portable X-ray machine. It turned out: The torso contains reinforcement. There is therefore no acute endangerment of this work of art of world importance from Rostock.

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References security sector

Leonardo DR mini in use by Vietnamese police force

Leonardo DR mini in action with Vietnamese police
The Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security was looking for a portable, straightforward solution that would allow the Vietnamese police to search for bombs, drugs and other suspicious objects. OR Technology equipped the security officers in several provinces with 19 Leonardo DR mini X-ray suitcase systems and the corresponding X-ray generators. The handy and robust X-ray suitcases, encased in shock-absorbing and dirt-repellent silicone plastic, are now used in the service of safety.

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