In September 2016, the ship‘s hospital of the MS Midnatsol was equipped with a portable, digital Leonardo DR mini X-ray system and a Amadeo P X-ray unit.

Christened in 2003, the Midnatsol belongs to the Norwegian transport company Hurtigruten ASA. For many years the ship operated as a ferry and cruise vessel, carrying up to 1000 passengers along Norway’s coast. In the fall of 2016, the Midnatsol began sailing polar and sub-polar waters on expedition cruises.
When accidents occur at sea, immediate medical diagnosis is essential. By having a portable, digital Leonardo DR mini X-ray system on board, Hurtigrouten ASA guarantees both passengers and crew the best possible radiological testing.
The compact DR X-ray system quickly produces high-quality images that can be shared with trusted experts on land. The system allows the ship‘s medical staff to make accurate diagnoses and decide on treatments in emergency situations.