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The Amadeo V mini II complete X-ray machine now has even more extras to offer. With the new "automatic collimator light" feature, veterinarians always have both hands free for the animal to be X-rayed and do not have to search for the light button on the collimator or press the X-ray trigger to "prepare". Situations in which the light goes out just when it is needed most are now a thing of the past. Thanks to the noiseless brakes, the floating stage with its generous travel distances can now be stopped silently.

For more information, visit the Amadeo V mini II - Veterinary X-ray product page or watch our product video.

Important milestone towards becoming a multinational medical technology manufacturer and software provider

Rostock, April 2022 - Oehm und Rehbein GmbH (OR Technology), one of the leading manufacturers of X-ray technology and developers of image management systems, announced the completion of the acquisition of Celtic SMR Ltd, a UK-based veterinary and human medicine company, on 24 March 2022. The transaction is an important milestone for the OR Technology group of companies on its way to becoming a multinational medical technology and software provider with relevant market shares in the largest European markets and presence in over 120 countries.

Press article [PDF]

Bernd Oehm, CEO of the OR Technology Group: "We are proud of the merger from Celtic SMR with the OR Technology Group as a result of a long-term and cooperative partnership. All veterinary and healthcare customers in the UK and Ireland will benefit from this. Celtic has very good market expertise and a functioning distribution network in the UK, which perfectly complement OR's business and technology portfolio."

More than 30 years ago Celtic SMR was founded by Mike Howe and Alan Clarkson with its headquarters in Wales. Since then, Celtic has grown to become a leading medical technology and service partner to veterinary hospital chains and independent veterinarians, focusing on imaging (X-ray and ultrasound), therapeutic lasers and maintenance and repair, and currently employs 32 people. The last few years have been characterised by strong growth. The two founders remain on board and will continue to develop the company as part of the OR Technology Group over the coming years.

Mike Howe, Managing Director Celtic SMR: "We are very pleased to be part of the OR Technology group and see this as a very strong partnership powered by the OR Technolgy's expertise in software development. Tapping into the latest AI X-ray technologies will bring significant benefits to our customers. This is a fast-moving area so being part of a highly innovative group with a strong track record in manufacturing high-quality X-ray systems is essential for future growth."

Based in Rostock, Germany, OR Technology has been a manufacturer of digital X-ray technology and developer of image management systems since 1991. In more than 120 countries the company's in-house solutions for human and veterinary medicine are successfully used in private practices, radiology and hospitals. The portfolio ranges from DR retrofits for existing stationary or mobile X-ray systems (X-ray without cassettes), CR systems (X-ray with cassettes), complete X-ray systems to mobile DR detector case solutions for outdoor use (disaster control, military medical services, ships, home care, etc.). OR Technology continuously invests in research and development, product design and cloud-based software tools up to automated diagnosis using artificial intelligence (AI).

As part the World Equestrian Show, the trade exhibition for veterinarians will take place in the well-known rooms of the Congress Center Essen West on 8 and 9 April 2022.
We look forward to welcoming you at our booth 7 - 8 in the Europa hall.

Stop by and let us advise you. Our entire OR Technology Vet team is looking forward to your visit.
If you would like to find out about our entire product range in advance, please visit our website for equine veterinarians.

In May 2022, OR Technology GmbH will open its OstseeCollege - a platform for practice-oriented further and advanced training. Under the motto "Learning where others go on holiday", independent veterinary and human medical further training courses on current and challenging topics are offered at a high quality level. As the first recognised course centre for radiation protection courses in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the company Oehm und Rehbein at the Rostock location offers the opportunity to combine further training with time out at the Baltic Sea.

X-ray units and systems for equine specialists

Perfect imaging quality and simple workflows

Whether X-ray case or backpack, our digital portable Leonardo X-ray units meet your high demands for excellent image quality and make the X-ray process efficient in your daily practice routine in stables & equine clinics.
All X-ray solutions ensure fast and uncomplicated treatment of horses on site at the customer’s stable, in your clinic or practice and guarantee the best possible diagnostics. Even many examinations in short time, for example at horse auctions, as well as x-raying in the paddock is no problem with our mobile x-ray systems.
In addition to the professional digital solutions "Made in Germany", we provide extensive support, even after hours. All systems are extremely low-maintenance and can be operated intuitively.
The X-ray software included in all systems for image acquisition, reporting and archiving was also developed by OR Technology and has already proven itself several thousand times worldwide. Information exchange via cloud (optional) is guaranteed. A module for the detailed, legally compliant documentation of X-ray services for horse purchase examinations incl. comparison images - developed in cooperation with GPM (German Equine Veterinary Association GEVA) - is also available. [currently only available for Germany].

Our models of the Leonardo series combine X-ray detector technology with powerful acquisition and diagnostic software.
Learn more? Visit the OR Technology stand at the industrial exhibition of the 19th IGFP Congress in Niedernhausen from 11 to 12 March.

We are pleased to welcome you.

Here we go again. From 24 - 27 January 2022, the ARAB HEALTH will take place in Dubai.

The head of our global medical di­vi­sion, Mr. Enis Labiadh, will be vis­it­ing Arab Health and is looking forward to lots new im­pres­sions and a con­struct­ive ex­change.

Take the op­por­tun­ity for a per­sonal contact at our OR Tech­no­logy meeting point S1.K51.

We would be pleased to meet you.

The entire OR Tech­no­logy team wishes you and your family a Merry Christ­mas and a Happy New Year.
A year of special chal­lenges is coming to an end. A year that prob­ably nobody ex­pec­ted like this, a year that has shaken up our every­day work and pro­cesses.
One more reason to thank you very much for your co­oper­a­tion and the trust you have placed in us.
Instead of Christ­mas presents for cus­tom­ers and busi­ness friends, OR Tech­no­logy sup­ports the Rostock Women's Shelter and the City Mission.


We are pleased to offer you a table extension by a total of 40 cm as an optional addition for new orders of our complete X-ray system Amadeo V mini II.

With just a few simple steps and without any tools, you can reach more space and flexibility.

You can find a video on the handling right here.

Further information and details can be found on our website or in our product information.

From 15 - 18 Novem­ber, the MEDICA 2021 trade fair will once again open its doors in Düssel­dorf.

Con­vince your­self per­son­ally of our in­nov­at­ive hard- and soft­ware solu­tions.

This year, the OR Tech­no­logy team will again be happy to assist you in word and deed.

We look forward to our dia­logue to­gether.