CMOS Dental Detector – outstanding X-ray images for dental imaging

The X-ray detector with its modern CMOS sensor was developed especially for general-purpose radiographic diagnosis in the veterinarian practice and is suited for all requirements of intraoral dental radiography as well as for high-resolution X-ray images of small animals’ paws.

The sensor surface is protected by a fiberglass plate and guarantees a long service life of the sensor. The easy-to-use X-ray detector is connected via a USB interface and is dust and waterproof. The sensor’s rounded corners offer additional comfort for the animal patients.

The software dicomPACS DX-R which is included in the Medici package can be used comfortably on a laptop or touchscreen. It adapts to your workflow and provides high quality X-ray images almost without time lag.

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Features & Benefits of the dental detector

•    High resolution and excellent image quality
•    AED - no need for adjustment in the X-ray unit
•    Suitable for dental X-rays as well as for high-resolution  
     images of animal paws
•    Extremely cost effective
•    Robust, dust and waterproof according to IP67
•    Large dynamic range
•    Lightweight

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Acquisition and diagnostic software for X-ray images

Acquisition and diagnostic software for X-ray images

At the heart of each Medici system is the dicomPACS®DX-R acquisition and diagnostic software with the integrated X-ray positioning guide developed by OR Technology. 

The software controls X-ray generators and X-ray units of various manufacturers, providing a smooth and structured workflow. A simple and user friendly GUI (graphical user interface), operated by touchscreen or mouse, completes the system.

The professional dicomPACS®DX-R image processing can be adapted to individual user needs and offers outstanding image quality in human and veterinary medicine. It has been specially developed to enable organ specific viewing quality optimisation, guaranteeing the highest quality of X-ray images.

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  • Product information CMOS Dental Detector
    Due to its modern CMOS sensor, the detector is ideally suited for use in X-ray diagnostics in the field of NDT.

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Optional add-ons

Amadeo P vet

Medici flat panel upgrade kit (DR) for your existing X-ray system
Are you looking for a digital detector system that connects to your existing X-ray unit, is easy to install, straightforward to operate, and generates professional and reproducible images?  If yes, then our Medici system is your best bet!  

Space saving x-ray system for veterinaries

Space-saving complete system with rotating monitor arm for use with standard wall sockets 
The Amadeo V-DR mini X-ray system has been developed especially for the requirements of veterinary practices and is particularly suited for small animal practices. The patient table is equipped with a floating tabletop and silent brakes.

PACS MobileView vet

dicomPACS®MobileView - The web-based viewer for mobile devices or PCs for vets
As a virtually independent browser, it allows the viewing of image material on mobile devices also outside a veterinary clinic or a practice. The vets staff can access all image material from the dicomPACS®vet system worldwide via a network connection.


ORCA - The DICOM cloud for veterinary images and documents
ORCA (OR Technology Cloud Archiving) is a software solution designed to make everyday work in veterinary practices and animal clinics easier, cheaper and more efficient. ORCA® archives medical images and documents on its remote servers using highest security standards, and enables these data to be shared with other veterinarians and authorised persons online.

PACS Basispaket vet

dicomPACS®vet – the sophisticated and high-tech image management solution  
dicomPACS®vet  is an easy to operate, well thought out instrument for daily diagnoses. The software includes the acquisition, processing, transfer and archiving of image material and can easily be integrated into all common administration systems.

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Technical details for the dental detector

Measurements outline:

34.4 mm x 41.9 mm 

Pixel size:

20 x 20 µm

Image size:

26 mm (H) x 34 mm (V)

Pixel format:

1300 (H) x 1700 (V)


20 lp/mm



Scintillator type:





USB 2.0

Protection class:

Waterproof equivalent IP67

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Subject to technical modifications