The professional digital X-ray all-round solution for non-destructive radiographic testing

The Amadeo NDT system is designed for non-destructive radiographic testing of tube and plate welds as well as for radiographic inspection of workpieces made of iron, aluminium, titanium, copper, plastic, etc. The system comprises all components and functions necessary for digital x-ray imaging: A combined high-frequency generator and X-ray tube, up to three X-ray detectors, customised positioning systems (e.g. tube manipulator), as well as the ORinspect software with optimised procedures and specialised tools for X-ray image processing. 

The compact design of the Amadeo NDT system allows installation in confined spaces. The X-ray generator is integrated in the X-ray table. The unit is easy to handle and provides flexibility for diverse inspection protocols. The Amadeo NDT’s efficient operating procedures and specialised hardware components reduce the number of working steps. 

Our custom-designed tube manipulator works together with a software tool that automatically stitches adjoining images. This combination significantly expedites tube weld inspection and effectively functions as a tube weld test robot.

X-ray image: Non-destructive radiographic testing of tube welds

Furthermore, customers can choose to implement specialized detectors with high sensitivity and reduced exposure times compared with conventional film techniques. This saves time, personnel and money. The ORinspect operating console controls all functions of the X-ray system; ranging from control of the X-ray generator to output of high-quality images. All necessary parameter adjustments are made at the central operating console. 



Features and Benefits of the Amadeo NDT System

Excellent image quality

A selection of high-quality digital detectors – ranging from small, extremely high-resolution CCD sensors (<20LP/mm) to large, high-resolution detectors with small pixels (100 μm) for X-ray devices up to 1.5 MeV – guarantees excellent image quality and a high degree of detail.


The professional ORinspect software is designed specifically for non-destructive testing, and has a straightforward and modern graphical user interface. All X-ray parameters can be automatically transferred to the generator.  Adjoining images are automatically stitched.  X-ray images can be analysed at the monitor with aid of easy-to-use software tools.


An efficient cooling system allows the X-ray tube to be continuously operated at high power. The customised device control (e.g. of tube manipulators) automatically positions each test object. There is no need for manual adjustments.

The integrated ORinspekt software guarantees rapid data processing. Immediately after exposure, the system automatically repositions samples and is ready for the next radiographic examination. 

Customised and reliable

Amadeo NDT systems are customised to meet your individual needs in non-destructive testing. A wide selection of detectors, a specially designed sample manipulation system with both drive and support rollers, as well as customised hardware and software solutions guarantee consistent high quality over the long term, even under high usage.

Diverse applications

Objects made from a wide range of materials such as various metals, alloys and plastics, between 1-50 cm in length and weighing up to 50 kg, can be tested using Amadeo NDT. The X-ray table is able to bear a load of up to 50kg. The diameter of the work pieces depends on the material.

Diverse applications

Objects made from a wide range of materials such as various metals, alloys and plastics, between 1-50 cm in length and weighing up to 50 kg, can be tested using Amadeo NDT. The X-ray table is able to bear a load of up to 50kg. The diameter of the work pieces depends on the material.

ORinspect: Professional acquisition and control software for radiographic testing (RT)

ORinspect: Professional acquisition and control software for radiographic testing (RT)

The heart of each Amadeo NDT system is the  ORinspect X-ray acquisition and control software developed by OR Technology. 

The software controls X-ray generators and X-ray units of various manufacturers, providing a smooth and structured workflow. A intuitive and user friendly GUI (graphical user interface), operated by touchscreen or mouse, completes the system.

The professional image processing can be adapted to individual user needs and offers outstanding image quality. It has been specially developed to enable material-specific optimisation, guaranteeing the highest quality of X-ray images.

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Detectores de rayos X para los sistemas Amadeo NDT

Detector de rayos X NDT

Aquí encontrará una lista de los detectores de rayos X disponibles. Los diferentes tipos y tamaños de detectores de rayos X permiten una configuración individual del sistema.

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  • Product overview Strong Workmate for Non-Destructive (RT)
    Digital systems from Oehm und Rehbein deliver X-ray images of the highest quality to detect even the smallest deviations during daily inspections.

Robot for testing welding seams


System for automated rotation during material testing

The system automatically takes and combines several X-ray images of welded tube segments with varying diameters, using a combination of specially customised hardware and software, including autostitching. 

Tube voltage dependent on material properties and thickness

Tube voltage dependent on material properties and thickness

Technical data Amadeo NDT (individual solutions)

HF generator

Available generators:

  • 150 kV/80 kW
  • generators > 150 kV with microfocus X-ray tube
Bucky table

Sturdy and durable column construction 
Four-way floating table
Compact and suitable for installation in confined spaces
Low maintenance powder-coated surface, dent-resistant 
Easy to clean

X-ray tube

Rotatable and with cooling system (the actively cooled, high-performance X-ray tube maintains a high shot rate even at peak load


A selection of high-quality detectors is available, ranging from small, high-resolution CCD sensors (<20LP/mm) to high-resolution detectors (pixel size 100 μm) designed for high energy X-ray devices up to 1.5 MeV; available with a caesium iodide (CsI) or GadOx (Gd²O²S:Tb) scintillator

Custom sample manipulation

E.g., tube weld test robot (a specially designed hardware and software solution that automatically rotates and X-rays welded tubes of various sizes; adjoining images are automatically stitched)

X-ray system control via the ORinspect aquisition station:

High-performance PC with bright monitor, including ORinspect software with modern graphical interface for  X-ray image acquisition and analysis (including X-ray system control) 
•   X-ray detector control
•   X-ray generator control
•   Control of the tube weld test robot
•   Cognition Optimised Processing (CoP); material-specific image processing

Subject to technical modifications

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