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The rotation system for efficient tube weld inspection

The system comprises hard and software components that work together to automatically take multiple x-ray images of welded tubes of various diameters and subsequently stitch adjacent images.

The tube manipulator has both drive and support rollers that can be custom installed on an x-ray table in order to handle tubes of varying diameters. Small detectors can be attached directly to the tubes whereas large detectors are installed under the table. A specialised sample manipulation system automatically positions samples in the correct orientation. 

The system automatically triggers X-ray exposures and rotates tubes according to your specifications, minimizing the need for manual intervention. The software then automatically stitches adjacent images. Single, double and elliptical projections are available.

The tube manipulator can inspect objects made from a wide range of materials, between 1 - 50 cm in diameter and weighing up to 50 kg. Custom orders for special demands are possible.





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NDT custom-designed tube manipulator - automatically stitches adjoining images



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