Professional X-ray software: acquisition and diagnostic software for static and dynamic X-ray images

X-ray software for medicine:
dicomPACS®DX-R is a professional acquisition and reporting software for static and dynamic X-ray images of X-ray detectors (DR) and CR devices (image plate readers) from almost any manufacturer.

X-ray software for non-destructive testing (NDT):
ORinspect is a professional acquisition and control software for radiographic testing (RT) with X-rays using digital detectors. The X-ray software allows non-destructive testing with matrix detectors (DDA) and imaging plate systems (CR, computed radiography) of almost any manufacturer.

X-ray software for the security sector:
OR Technology supports special units worldwide with high-tech solutions in security technology. ORsecure is a special software for acquisition and evaluation of X-ray images in the security sector (e.g. EOD/IOD). The X-ray software enables non-destructive testing in the context of object protection, personal security as well as border controls and airport security (e.g. lost luggage inspection, bomb disposal, smuggling or customs matters, counter-espionage etc.).

In addition, the software takes over the complete control of X-ray generators and X-ray systems from different suppliers and thus enables an orderly and optimal workflow. A simple and user-friendly user interface via touch screen or mouse control completes the system. The professional image processing, which can be adapted to special user requirements, impresses with its outstanding image quality. Powerful image processing allows organ-specific optimisation and thus guarantees X-ray images of the highest quality.

Many helpful, integrated functions, such as comprehensive measuring instruments and decision support and an intuitive operation enormously facilitate work in daily routine operation. In addition, the X-ray software from OR Technology realises the connection to existing management systems. The integrated, full-fledged PACS Viewer even allows the reporting of X-ray images within the acquisition software. Thus, the system can also be used as a full-fledged diagnostic station with the possibility to expand to a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System).





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Innovative image management solution (PACS)

Everyday work in medicine and industry requires a proven and easy-to-use, manufacturer-independent, professional PACS software for processing and reporting of image material, for secure archiving but also for communication with colleagues and patients.

PACS software for human and veterinary medicine:
dicomPACS® and dicomPACS®vet - the PACS software from OR Technology - has already established itself worldwide and has been installed at several thousand workstations. All images and all types of documents are stored in a digital patient file. The software has been developed in close cooperation with doctors and other specialists and is constantly being further developed. With dicomPACS®, a sophisticated and easy-to-use instrument for daily diagnostics has been created. It can be easily integrated into an existing clinic or practice management system.

Image management solution (PACS) for the NDT and security sector:
dicondePACS® and dicosPACS® are sophisticated, high-tech image management solutions that are ideal for long-term archiving of images and reports. With the PACS solutions for industry and security, all digitally generated images (e.g. radiographic inspections [RT] with digital detectors) and various types of documents and reports are stored in a digital DICONDE or DICOS archive and are always easily accessible. Thanks to the wide range of functions with many special solutions for the field of non-destructive testing, our X-ray software enables you to set up your working environment individually and optimally within the scope of material or quality inspection or lost luggage inspection or bomb disposal.



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Intelligent cloud solution for telemedicine and archiving

Cloud solutions have proven themselves many times over worldwide. They allow you to simplify your own IT infrastructure and pay only for the capacities that are actually used (pay per use). More and more companies are taking advantage of these benefits and obtaining services and storage space via a "cloud" - as the Internet is often depicted. Due to the ever increasing bandwidths available for the Internet, it is a logical step to move more and more services from the local computer or entire server infrastructures to this cloud. The cloud-based applications or data stored there can thus be used from anywhere with Internet access.

Cloud computing for human and veterinary medicine:
In medicine, we have to process an enormous flood of images every day. The further technical development of imaging procedures simplifies diagnostics for the doctor, for example, by providing high-quality images, but also leads to an increased data volume.
With our ORCA Cloud (OR Technology Cloud Archiving) there are many possibilities to make the daily work in a practice or hospital easier, more cost-effective and more advanced. The cloud solution offers the possibility to archive medical images and documents centrally, taking into account the highest security standards. In addition, images and findings can be shared online with other doctors, staff and specialists. The storage space is constantly being individually adapted to current needs.

Cloud computing for industry and security:
With ORCA (OR Technology Cloud Archiving) you can implement the administration, tracking and monitoring of NDT projects or IOD checks etc. in compliance with regulations. X-ray images can be interpreted, archived and shared, and new content can be created. ORCA creates efficiency in your field of expertise and saves financial and time resources. The cloud guarantees easy collaboration - everyone has secure access to all relevant information from any internet connection.



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Digital X-ray – individualised X-ray solutions

OR Technology has been active in Germany and worldwide as a manufacturer of digital X-ray technology for medicine and industry and a developer of  image management software since 1991. 

The company‘s offerings range from DR upgrades for existing stationary X-ray systems and portable X-ray machine (cassetteless), to CR systems (with imaging plate cassettes), complete X-ray systems and mobile DR detector backpack solutions for the out-of-doors. Furthermore, we offer our own professional image management software (PACS) as well as  the cloud-based archive and teleradiology solution ORCA.

Our in-house products and customised system solutions for stationary and mobile X-ray imaging are currently operating in over 140 countries. Our customers value OR Technology‘s digital X-ray products for their quick and professional diagnostics, cost-effectiveness, and reliable first-class image quality.


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Trolley stands, cassette holder and wall brackets for digital X-ray

OR Technology offers an array of sophisticated X-ray accessories for stationary and portable X-ray imaging in your medical practice: ranging from the lightweight and compact detector holder VersariX to X-ray tables, trolley stands, wall brackets and cassette holders.

All accessories are designed for multi-use. During transport, the equipment can be packed down, folded together and/or disassembled. Reassembly is quick and easy. OR Technology’s X-ray accessories can be used together with any DR and CR systems on offer, and additional items can be purchased at any time.

Diverse models and systems are available. We look forward to hearing from you!


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