The web-based viewer for DICONDE images for mobile devices or PCs

The web-based viewer dicondePACS® MobileView is one of the numerous extension modules of the diagnostic software dicondePACS® (Digital Imaging and Communication in Non-Destructive Evaluation). The viewer enables viewing images in DICOM/DICONDE quality from any end device such as tablet computers, ultrabooks or PCs via an Internet browser - regardless of the number of workstations installed. Almost browser-independent, it allows viewing X-ray image material, photos, process information, comments and other documents on mobile devices in your work environment within the framework of non-destructive testing (NDT) for material and quality testing. With a network connection, the user can access all image and document material worldwide via the dicondePACS® system.

In addition, the viewer offers text entry and the export of images and texts. Documents can also be attached and exchanged.


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The main advantages at a glance:

  • Highly flexible though usability in various internet browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari 5, Safari for iPad and Android browser
  • Intuitive operation
  • Supports the multi-touch operating technology (e.g. zoom in and out with two fingers)
  • Supports full screen mode
  • Access the ORsecure or dicosPACS® database without any additional modules
  • High loading speed with modern streaming technology



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The web-based viewer offers an important range of functions of a professional PACS viewer

  • Image annotation in various colours (e.g., arrow, text)
  • Measurement (e.g., length, angle)
  • evaluation reports including custom report templates
  • File attachment
  • Image comparison using different grids
  • Image rotation and mirroring 
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Image inversion, zooming in/out
  • Full screen and fit image modes
  • Image panning
  • Image series scrolling
  • Document and image export
  • Document and image printing 


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  • Product overview Strong Workmate for Non-Destructive (RT)
    Digital systems from OR Technology deliver X-ray images of the highest quality to detect even the smallest deviations during daily inspections.

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Fields of application of dicondePACS®MobileView

dicondePACS®  MobileView can be installed in addition to existing dicondePACS® diagnostic modules. It is irrelevant whether the dicondePACS®  MobileView software is used on a network PC (pure viewing workstation) or/ and on a mobile device. Worldwide access to all image material is available via a network connection, e.g. VPN access via the internet, of the used mobile device to the central dicondePACS® system.



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Further optional modules and add-ons of dicondePACS® Basic Package

PACS Vermessung Materialpruefung

dicondePACS®   the sophisticated and high-tech image management solution  
The dicondePACS® software acquires, processes, transfers and archives images. Thanks to a diverse array of special functions, the dicondePACS®  can be customised for many applications.

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