Web-Seminar series for veterinarians: X-ray - what's important for your practice

As a supplement to the veterinary congresses and the personal exchange at your premises, we are offering you free online workshops this year. In them, we would like to address special questions and focal points from your everyday life on the topic of "X-rays".

Our online workshop series "X-ray - what is important for your practice?" comprises 6 topics and starts with the first topic on 14 April 2021. Take advantage of this digital opportunity and deepen your specialist knowledge.

The approx. 15-minute lecture followed by a question and answer session will be time well spent for you and your practice team. We look forward to seeing you.

[The online workshop are currently only offered in German]

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Webinar content

Online workshop 1: Radiation protection and digital X-ray technology

Today's webinar is all about radiation protection. We answer the questions: What is digital X-ray? What causes radiation exposure and how can I reduce it? Furthermore, we go into the importance of digitalisation for radiation protection. We give recommendations so that you can better assess what is the best fit for your practice.

Online workshop 2: CR versus DR- Two technologies for digitisation in comparison

Today we would like to introduce you to both technologies, show you the differences and present the advantages and disadvantages. This will help you decide which technology best suits the needs of your practice.

Online workshop 3: Digitalisation pitfalls

Digital radiography has become indispensable in the modern small animal practice. Image quality is improved with digitisation and workflows are optimised.  Today we will inform you which factors have to be considered to make your digitisation a success? What are the stumbling blocks?

Online workshop 4: Image transfer options and their advantages and disadvantages

Today, X-ray images can be easily shared through various media. Patient owners want to take their images and findings with them. Colleagues need the images to share information or a service for external reporting is to be used. In this webinar you will learn how uncomplicated and secure image sharing can be. What are the possibilities?

Online workshop 5: Digital Surveying Techniques HD and VHS

The possibility of digital post-processing is one of the advantages of modern X-ray technology. Today you will learn what your software can do? We will present the possibilities using the examples of HD and VHS surveying.

Online workshop 6: Optimising the workflow of radiography in small animal practice

With new technologies, workflows in the practice can be optimised and automated more and more. This leaves more time for the tasks that are actually important. What does the workflow for X-rays in a modern practice look like? What design options are there? What makes sense for my practice?


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