Ultra-compact and energy-efficient CT technology for small animal practice: GE's Revolution ACT

GE Healthcare's Revolution ACT brings improvements in key areas such as image quality and resolution, coupled with enhanced workflow for the small animal veterinarian. This affordable CT incorporates the latest technologies from GE's long-standing CT expertise. Power consumption is sensationally low - allowing for significant cost savings.

The little giant is also extremely space-saving. The compact footprint is only about 10 m².  In addition, it has very low connected loads (40 kVA) and the 250 kHz high-frequency operation reduces audible noise. The low weight allows installation on normal reinforced concrete floors.  

The Revolution ACT shines with a new, professionally optimised user interface. In addition to the optional cross-sectional diagnostic station, we offer you a free diagnostic service for the first two months*. Because only with an accurate diagnosis can you choose the best treatment method.

*limited to a total of 25 studies (maximum 2 regions, full body scans at extra cost)


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Advantages of GE's Revolution ACT - The quality 16-digit with the resource and space requirements of a 2-digit

High image quality

Premium detector system with Revolution technology:

  • Clarity Panel Detector - 16 / 32 lines
  •  Improved spatial resolution - up to 18 lp/cm

  • Up to 20% less electronic noise
  • Sub-mm slice thickness 0.625 mm
  • 0.625 mm format with excellent dose/resolution ratio
  • Up to 60%* less energy consumption
  • Only 40 kVA connected load required

*compared to the previous generation of units

  • Gantry weight: 1,000 kg --> suitable for normal reinforced concrete floors
  • Low space requirement (from only 10 m²)

  • New efficient tube --> Faster cooling times
  • Up to 4 scans per patient without having to modulate the tube current downwards

Simple workflow
  • 135 cm scan length --> patient repositioning rarely necessary
  • Simple automated workflow for routine scans
  • New user interface --> One-monitor solution for more clarity and fewer clicks


Up to 250 kHz high-frequency operation --> reduces audible noise

Dose reduced
  • Faster cooling times for more efficient work
  • 40 percent* less dose with ASiR in all applications
  • Organ specific dose modulation to protect sensitive organs

*compared to the previous generation of units


High-quality representation of the anatomy in 3D


Competent advice and support during planning and implementation

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  • Product information CT Revolution ACT from GE for small animal medicine
    Sustainable CT technology from GE for the veterinary practice with excellent image quality for limited spatial options [only in Germany]

  • Product overview veterinary medicine
    Digital X-ray imaging - guide for vet clinic and practice

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Single-monitor solution for CT operation


  • Console - for operating the scanner and evaluating the images
  • 3D Visualisation - 3D Surface, 3D MIP, MPVR and 3D Volume Rendering
  • Prospective Multiple Reconstructions - up to 10 recon options can be stored per series
  • Real-time Scout - for high patient safety
  • SmartTrigger & SmartPrep - automatic KM tracking or manual triggering
  • Connect Pro - universal, automatic connection to the practice EDP with patient data transfer and data retransmission to any PACS


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Cross-sectional imaging station with the professional dicomPACS® solution incl. ORCA® cloud connection

dicomPACS®vet (optional) contains all the necessary tools for professional diagnosis of sectional images. Functions such as hanging protocols, cine loop, 3D curser, manual scrolling through series or the visualisation of the respective current and limiting section lines allow fast and professional work. Extended possibilities are offered with the functions MPR (Multi Planar Reconstruction) and MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection).


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Report generation service - telemedicine via cloud

You can upload the images directly from dicomPACS®vet to the specialist network VetRad - teleradiology and telemedicine for veterinarians and have them evaluated (without any obligation to purchase or other contractual commitment). You will receive a written report with detailed image documentation.
Only with an exact diagnosis can you choose the best treatment method.

--> You can use this diagnostic service free of charge for 2 months* after signing the contract.

*limited to a total of 25 studies (maximum 2 regions, full body scans at extra cost)


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Further optional modules and add-ons of dicomPACS® diagnsotic station

PACS Prothesendokumentation

dicomPACS®vet Pre-operative planning with the prosthesis documentation module
The dicomPACS® prosthesis documentation module allows you to plan and/or document operations. There are two ways to plan an operation with prosthesis templates. You can either insert digital templates into the X-ray image or use existing prosthesis templates.

PACS MobileView vet

dicomPACS®MobileView - the web-based viewer for mobile devices
The web-based viewer contains all the basic functions for viewing images. You can view images virtually with any browser on mobile devices. dicomPACS®MobileView offers vets a previously unknown degree of mobile freedom in the workplace inside and outside of equine clinic or vet practices, with the radiological image material available from anywhere.

PACS KU Modul vet

Report module for X-ray services relating to equine prepurchase examinations
This dicomPACS®vet report module enables the quick compilation of reports by automatically assembling X-ray images. It follows the “X-ray guideline” by the German organisations “Gesellschaft für Pferdemedizin e.V.” (non-profit organsation for equine medicine) and “Bundestierärztekammer e.V.” (Federal association of veterinarians). 


ORCA - storage of medical data (images and documents) as well as sharing via the internet 
 (OR Technology Cloud Archiving) is a cloud-based platform specially designed for storing, viewing and sharing medical images and documents. ORCA offers two exciting applications: ORCA Archive and ORCA Share.



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Standard components for GE's CT Revolution ACT

CT scanner
  • Generator output: 24 kW
  • Gantry opening: 65 cm
  • Scan length:135 cm
  • Gantry weight: 1,000 kg (suitable for normal reinforced concrete floors)
  • 16 lines/20 mm / up to 18 lp/cm
  • Space requirement from only 10 m²
  • 40 kVA connected load
  •  Up to 250 kHz high frequency operation
CT console

Single-monitor solution for scanner operation and evaluation - clear & intuitive operation

Viewing space incl. ORCA® Cloud connection
  • Archiving and sharing of images and documents   
  • Direct connection to report generation service


Report generation service

Direct connection to the report generation service centre VetRad - teleradiology and telemedicine for veterinarians (without purchase obligation or other contractual commitment).

You receive:

  • a written report
  • a detailed image documentation


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Optional Components for GE's CT Revolution ACT

image slices diagnostic station

PC with 24" monitor incl. dicomPACS®

  • Radiological tools for professional diagnosis of sectional images
  • Direct connection to a report generation service
  • Direct connection to ORCA Cloud for archiving and sharing images and documents
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