VersariX - the portable mounting system for X-ray detectors

On security missions in the service of the fight against terrorism, forensic science or civil protection, the conditions on the ground are very different and flexibility is in demand.

You are well equipped with the VersariX, the detector holder that weighs only 400 g and is quickly ready for use. The VersariX's powder-coated bracket provides secure suspension from hooks, screws, branches and other suitable attachments for a safer grip. The in-house development from OR Technology can also be attached to almost all types of doors. The stable hook, on which the X-ray detector is suspended, is almost infinitely height-adjustable. This means that even special images can be taken easily and professionally in confined spaces.



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Video VersariX - the portable mounting system for X-ray detectors



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Features & Benefits of mounting system for X-ray detectors

Fields of application:



Only 400 g

Shipping dimensions:

20 x 15 x 8 cm


For all types of X-ray examinations 


Easy to clean (disinfectant safe) 

Made in Germany:

Designed by Oehm and Rehbein


Three mounting options 

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Universal mounting system for flexible use

VersariX functions with all flat panel X-ray detector models, regardless of protective casing and handles, and can be attached to nearly all types of doors using sturdy polypropylene straps. The powder-coated mounts can also be attached to hooks, screws, tree branches and other sturdy structures. The height of the detector can easily be adjusted before or after installation.

1.     Wall mount using existing hooks and screws

2.     Door mount with straps 

3.     Mount on objects via supplied hooks

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  • Product information VersariX - the portable mounting system for X-ray detectors
    400 g light and quickly ready for use detector holder with holder for safe hanging on hooks, screws, branches, etc. as well as a loop device for fastening to doors

  • Brochure Digital radiography for targeted operations against terrorism, for civil defense and forensic science
    The security industry is a globally growing market that includes many business fields, public authorities, embassies, municipal bomb squads, airports or corporations use radiography to examine suspicious objects in different locations

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Technical specifications


Specialized straps made of Kevlar reinforced  Neopren, powder-coated stainless steel/aluminium, sturdy polypropylene straps

Range of height-adjustable detector

> 150 cm

Max. tensile load of specialized hook

10 kg

Operating temperature

- 10° C to +45° C

Dimensions of transport bag

Approx. 20 x 15 x 8 cm

Shipping box dimensions

Approx. 22 x 16 x 10 cm

For transport to examinations, you can choose between a sturdy box and a space-saving bag (included)


2 years

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