The web-based PACS viewer for mobile devices or PCs

The web-based viewer dicomPACS®MobileView counts among the many extension modules of dicomPACS® diagnostic software. As a virtually independent browser, it allows the viewing of image material on mobile devices also outside a clinic or a practice. The doctor or the nursing staff can access all image material from the dicomPACS® system worldwide via a network connection.

In addition to mere diagnostic evaluation of images, the dicomPACS®MobileView viewer allows diagnostic reports to be captured and exported. Documents may be attached and exchanged. All diagnostic reports of a patient are always displayed. Individual diagnostic reports of a patient may be selected for exporting and formatted.

There are many applications. On-call hospital doctors can promptly make a first diagnostic thanks to dicomPACS®MobileView. This saves the patient a lot of time and additional visits. But also during a ward round, further treatment can be discussed together with the patient or colleagues directly at the bedside using a mobile device.



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The main advantages at a glance:

  • High flexibility through the use within various internet browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari 5, Safari for iPad and Android browser
  • Intuitive operation
  • Supports the multi-touch operating technology (e.g. zoom in and out with two-fingers)
  • Supports full screen mode
  • Allows accessing the dicomPACS®DX-R or dicomPACS® database without any additional modules
  • Allows playing series (e.g. ultrasound)
  • High loading speed with modern streaming technology




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The web-based viewer offers an important range of functions of a professional PACS viewer

  • Image annotation in various colours (e.g., arrow, text)
  • Measurement (e.g., length, angle)
  • Findings reports including custom report templates
  • File attachment
  • Image comparison using different grids
  • Image rotation and mirroring 
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Image inversion, zooming in/out
  • Full screen and fit image modes
  • Image panning
  • Image series scrolling
  • Cine loop for multi-frame series and MRI/CT
  • Document and image export
  • Document and image printing 
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  • Product brochure dicomPACS® in radiology and hospital
    Digital X-ray and image management for the highest demands

  • Product overview Digital X-ray in human medicine
    Product portfolio of OR Technology: Digital Radiography and Image Management - A guide for medical practices, clinics and hospitals

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Fields of application of dicomPACS®MobileView

dicomPACS®MobileView can be installed in addition to existing dicomPACS® diagnostic modules (diagnostic workstations). It is irrelevant whether the dicomPACS®MobileView software is used on a network PC (pure viewing workstation) or/ and on a mobile device. Worldwide access to all image material is available via a network connection, e.g. VPN access via the internet, of the used mobile device to the central dicomPACS® system in the office or clinic.


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  • Reference Warnow-Klinik Buetzow
    Thomas Blum about the web based, one of numerous extension modules available for OR Technology‘s diagnostic software . “The doctors in our clinic can even compile preliminary assessments by means of dicomPACS®MobileView while they are on call. In addition, we use the mobile viewer on a tablet when doing ward rounds so we can discuss further treatment at the bedside together with patients and colleagues.”

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Further optional modules and add-ons of dicomPACS® Basic Package

PACS Pre-operative planning with the prosthesis documentation module

dicomPACS® Pre-operative planning with the prosthesis documentation module
The dicomPACS® prosthesis documentation module allows you to plan and/or document operations. There are two ways to plan an operation with prosthesis templates. You can either insert digital templates into the X-ray image or use existing prosthesis templates.

PACS Administration and diagnosis of image slices

dicomPACS® Administration and diagnosis of image slices
dicomPACS® includes all the necessary tools for the professional diagnosis of slices such as CT or MRI. Functions like hanging protocols, cine loop, manual scrolling through series, and the visualisation of current and delimiting outlines allow the user to work fast and professionally.

PACS Diagnostic tools for optimal chiropractical treatment and NUCCA

dicomPACS® Diagnostic tools for optimal chiropractical treatment
Die Chiro-Tools stellen phantastische Möglichkeiten für die genaue Diagnose und Planung der weiterführenden Behandlung bereit. Entsprechend des verwendeten Tools werden nach der manuellen Markierung der gewünschten Punkte automatisiert Mittellinien und -punkte, definierte Kurven und Winkelangaben etc. generiert. Selbstverständlich sind alle Standard-Tools (wie Streckenmessung, Winkel und Cobb-Winkel, Markierungspunkte etc.) ebenfalls enthalten.


ORCA - storage of medical data (images and documents) as well as sharing via the internet 
ORCA (OR Technology Cloud Archiving) is a cloud-based platform specially designed for storing, viewing and sharing medical images and documents. ORCA offers two exciting applications: ORCA Archive and ORCA Share.



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