With the new XenOR 43CLe X-ray de­tector, OR Tech­no­logy is ex­pand­ing its range of X-ray de­tect­ors. This de­tector re­places the pre­de­cessor model XenOR 43CL from now on, has a higher res­ol­u­tion and is even more af­ford­able.

A special dis­tin­guish­ing feature of the XenOR X-ray de­tect­ors is the artistic design of the de­tector surface: "The art of digital X-ray". Rostock artist Felix Fu­gen­zahn has created another single-line drawing that is found ex­clus­ively on the new model of the XenOR series. The Rostock land­mark motif en­hances the surface of the new XenOR de­tector and will perhaps arouse the in­terest of some col­lect­ors.
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